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Would You like Me to Personally Help You Get a Consistent Inflow of High Paying Clients & Triple Your Revenue? I’ll Do It FOR FREE

From The Desk of, Johnson Emmanuel,



Dear friend,​

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I see that you are a very smart person and I’m very proud of you. I say that because you just downloaded a material that is full of transformational inisghts to help you take your business to the ‘NEXT LEVEL’.

If you are the type who likes to learn and implement fast, if you are the type who really loves to have high paying clients knocking on your door on a daily basis so you can rapidly double, triple or even quadruple your revenue in the next few months, you are going to love what I’m going to say…

I’m looking for a ‘VIP client’. If you are that person I will personally help you 3X, 5X or even 10X your revenue in the fastest time possible and I’ll willing to do this for FREE.

I will start by helping you design a customized REVENUE GROWTH BLUEPRINT specifically for your business.

The customized REVENUE GROWTH BLUEPRINT I’m going to help you design for free will help you;

  •  Identify and uncover untapped revenue sources hidden within your business.
  •  To start attracting high paying clients to your business IMMEDIATELY so you can quickly grow your business working with the best clients instead of working with clients who will pay you less and give you a lot of stress.
  •  Identify the MAJOR hindrances to your revenue growth and get a ‘clear cut’ action plan that will eliminate it immediately.
  •  Get total clarity about what you should be doing every single day to grow your business so you don’t have to waste time with ‘useless thing’ that doesn’t make your revenue grow.

That is not all because it’s going to be a HOLISTIC plan to help you grow your business rapidly.

In fact, I could design an automated ‘marketing machine’ that floods your business with potential clients and turn them in paying customers every single day, everything is 100% automated.

There’s no charge for this, it is 100% FREE and it will take us between 45 and 60 minutes to create the REVENUE GROWTH BLUEPRINT.

Here’s Why I’m Doing This…

I know you want to know why I’m doing this because I don’t even know you from Adam and I totally get that.

I’m doing this for two reasons…

I’m doing this because nothing makes me happy like seeing people grow their revenue because of my advice.

So, it makes me very happy when business owners, entrepreneurs, coaches, consultants and professional services providers grow their revenue as a result of my advice. This is the type of thing I do best.

Secondly, I’m doing this because I know that you will love the REVENUE GROWTH BLUEPRINT that I will design for you because you will see the power and might immediately want to become one of my VIP clients.

If that is the case, GREAT!

If I feel you are a perfect match for me, I will invite you to join the list of my EXCLUSIVE clients who are not only treated as KING & QUEENS but are also growing their revenue as a result of my help.

Instead of me asking you to become a client, I believe that I should first give ‘something’ in advance so you’ll be able to judge how good I’m.

I believe in giving value in advance.


Our session together is not going to be a ‘SALES PITCH’ in disguise, far from it.

I’m not going to be selling anything to you. It’s just you and I mapping out action plans to grow your business, no ‘sales pitch’ whatsoever.

If I decide to invite you to join my VIP list of clients, GREAT! If you decide to join, AWESOME! There’ll be no sort of pressure from my end.

No body will pressure you or even call you to become a client, it’s totally up to you to decide once I make the invitation, that is if I ever do.

I actually believe that the exact opposite will happen because you will be the one chasing us to become a VIP client because of the POWER of the REVENUE GROWTH BLUEPRINT that you will see me design for you, for free.

This happens every single time

This is NOT for everyone

You see, due to the nature of customization involved, I will not be able to speak to everyone. I have set out some strict (but reasonable) conditions to help me speak to ONLY the right person.

For you to be qualified to have this session with me, you MUST;

1: Have Integrity and ‘good will’ in your market place

2: Have the capacity to deliver your goods and service in a timely manner because there will be upsurge of sales.

3: Have a good customer care

4: Have the financial resources to invest in yourself and your business

5: Have ‘action takers’ mentality

So, you see, my conditions are extremely simple.

If you think you qualify based on those conditions, here’s the next thing to do

Click on this link and schedule BUSINESS GROWTH STRATEGY SESSION with me, you will see a booking slot, pick the date and time that works best for you.

Once you do that, you will be taken to a page to fill a short form. The form will take you less than 60 seconds to fill.

There’s nothing hard there, I just want to know your name, what business you do and how much you are seeking to make, nothing complex at all.

This is Very Important…

You will also be required to make REFUNDABLE deposit of N5, 000. The money is refundable under whatsoever circumstances known to man.

I don’t need your N5,000 for anything personal. I just use it as a ‘mechanism’ to keep time wasters away.

You know if you keep opportunity like this open, all manner of people including those who are not serious will grab it. I want to be sure that I’m spending my time with the best of the best people who are very hungry to grow their business and revenue by at least 66% in the next few weeks.

So, once we hold our session together if I decide you are a perfect match for me and you become a VIP client, your N5,000 deposit will be applied to whatever your investment will be.

If I decide not to take you as a client, your N5, 000 will be REFUNDED to you IMMEDIATELY, no question asked.

I must add here that becoming my VIP client is not cheap because my results are not typical. Here’s what one of my clients said…

Johnson Emmanuel is what i will call a 'marketing beast'. He grew my business by 306%. Listen to Johnson. Do everything you can to have him work with you. If he agrees to work with you, he can deliver massive result within a short time. Again, Johnson is a marketing beast!

Jeanine Cerund

So, you see, my results are not typical and I make sure all my clients get the best result that will grow their business in the fastest time possible.

The point is, I’m very affordable for the right client but even if you decide not to become a client, no problem.

You will still get a lot of great insights from the REVENUE GROWTH BLUEPRINT that I will design for you and you can deploy it immediately to grow your business.

Time Is A Factor

Due the nature of this type of customized project and the amount of one on one time involved, I can only take on few people at a time and you need to also know that the demand for this type of thing from my company is extremely high.

So, once the timer on this page hits zero, you will NOT be able to speak with me again about growing your business, so it’s best you apply for your business growth session now 

Believe me, it’s gonna be a great time and I can’t wait to even talk to you because I love growing businesses.