How To Make More Customers Buy More Frequently from your website

Do you have a website and it’s not bringing in customers. Chances are that you  locked the door. Imagine renting a very BIG shop in strategic location, you spent all your money to ‘beautify’ the place and you imported all the best goods in the world to fill your shop with the hope of ‘killing’ all your competitors.

Then, instead of fixing a door at the front of the shop or office, you decided to take the door to a very hidden place where no one can actually locate what you.

Would you do that kind of a thing?

I know you wont but chances are, that is what you have done on your website.

Firstbank of Nigeria recently launched a brand new website and my guess is that they spent atleast 10 million naira for the site but they made some mistakes that even small business owners also make.

You wont blame firstbank and you wont blame the developers because  they are not marketers. As a marketer, I see things from not only acquiring more customers point of view because I believe that the business that gets the most customers win.

I also see things from the point of ROI.

Anyway, I did a part 1 review of Firbank website, I talked about what they did well so you can do it, I also talked about the ‘horrible’ mistake they made so you don’t make it.

Watch the video and let me know what you think below.





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