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hire for growth

Hire For Growth

Hire For Growth: How To Hire For Exponential Business GrowthLet me explain what I mean by  “revenue attributable”,It means your first 10 employees should do work that directly lead to an increase in revenue and profit.The following roles are revenue attributable, for example:Head of marketingSales managerAccount executiveSoftware developerDesignerCopywriterFacebook Ads expertThese roles, however are non-revenue attributable […]

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1 marketing lesson

Marketing Lesson

Marketing Lesson: Why You Should Never Go For The Sales (And What To Do Instead)Let’s not sugar coat it – marketing is hard.I’ve learnt alot of marketing lesson(s) in my 16years long career.Even though I have developed controversial yet astonishing effective marketing systems and strategies that has generated sales, grown revenue and profits for our […]

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multi-channel marketing

Customer Acquisition

Customer Acquisition: How the Fastest-Growing Companies Use Multi-Channel Marketing For Explosive Growth.How do successful companies go about their customer acquisition in this digital age?You can run some ads on Google or Facebook…Maybe create some landing pages and ‘dream clients’ magnets to help improve performance…But what separates really successful campaigns from ‘average’ ones?I’m not just talking […]

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How To Get Premium Clients

How To Get Premium Clients, Consistently.Would you like to get premium clients, every single day?Ofcourse!Who wouldn’t want to attract high-paying clients consistent?Every smart entrepreneur want to market to rich people because wealthy clients can transform your business and life.You see, if you are able to consistently get high paying clients to your business…You’ll be able […]

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