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effective pricing

Effective Pricing

How Effective Pricing Explodes Your Profits, and Your CompanyLet me tell you one ‘secret’, and I really need you to listen very carefully…What is the most singular thing (or element) that makes a huge fundamental difference in a company?I mean, here is a company that just got started, and in less than 5years, they are […]

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The pricing strategies that grows cashflow

Pricing Strategies That Grows Profit.

How To Craft Pricing Strategies That Explode Profit, and Guarantees Predictable Cashflow “Johnson, how do we develop pricing strategies that grows revenue, and profit, while maintaining  consistent cashflow? How do you craft pricing strategies that ACTUALLY maximizes (and explode) your profit? Some years back, I was asked a question, during a live video show. It was spontaneous and […]

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10 multiple revenue streams by Johnson Emmanuel

Revenue Streams

Case Study: How To Discover “Untapped Profit” Sources Within Your Business. So, you want to discover untapped revenue streams within your business, right?Today, I’m going to share some “backroom” stuff.Real personal business story.You see, most people know me as “Johnson Emmanuel, the marketing guy” who makes BIG money for businesses.And they’re absolutely right.Nothing makes me […]

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1 Market Differentiation:

Market Differentiation

Market Differentiation: How To Stand Out, Outsell Your Biggest Competitors…Even In A Rowdy & Saturated MarketOver the last months, I did a lot of thinking and reading about differentiation, and it’s flipside – sameness. Here’s a summary of how I think about it.Differentiation is about standing out from the noise, and giving people a reason to choose you […]

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How To Generate High Ticket Clients On Demand.

How To Generate High Ticket Clients On Demand.When i say high ticket clients, I mean…High networth clients.Premium clients or what i call Deep Pocket Clients.Look, some businesses are going to fail.Not because people don’t want what they sell.Infact, alot of people want it.NOT because of low quality, quality might be the highest but a fellow […]

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direct mail marketing

Direct Mail Marketing?

​When Should You Use Direct Mail Marketing?Previously on the blog, we discussed ‘How to Use Direct Mail Advertising to Consistently Close BIG Deals’. Direct mail marketing can be one of the best advertising decisions you can make for your business.  Thanks to its high ROI and customization, it’s a surefire way to connect with customers you […]

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