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Market Differentiation:

Market Differentiation

Market Differentiation: How To Stand Out, Outsell Your Biggest Competitors...Even In A Rowdy & Saturated MarketOver the last months, I did a lot of thinking and reading about differentiation, and it's flipside - sameness. Here's a summary of how I think about it.Differentiation is about standing out from the noise, and giving people a reason to choose you over others. You’d think companies would be all about that.Curiously, not so much. In fact, it’s the opposite—the world has a massive sameness problem. Sameness is the default for most companies today.What’s ...
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How To Generate High Ticket Clients On Demand.

How To Generate High Ticket Clients On Demand.When i say high ticket clients, I mean...High networth clients.Premium clients or what i call Deep Pocket Clients.Look, some businesses are going to fail.Not because people don't want what they sell.Infact, alot of people want it.NOT because of low quality, quality might be the highest but a fellow with a crappy product might just be smiling to the bank.WHY?Now, listen carefully...Your business model will make or mar you.Alot of people work really hard but they never get enough reward, and worst still, the ...
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Facebooks ads that convert

How To Create Facebook Ads That Convert Like Crazy

How To Craft Facebook Ads That Turns Total Strangers To Raving Buyers. Do you want to craft a Facebook ads that convert total strangers to raving,happy buyers? Facebook ads is the fastest way to grow any business. Look, if your company is not currently running Facebooks ads, you're losing alot of money. When I say "alot", i actually mean "A WHOLE LOT" of money. I know what I'm saying because our ad agency is able to help clients turn $1 marketing spend to atleast $3 sales... Meaning for everytime you ...
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direct mail marketing

Direct Mail Marketing?

​When Should You Use Direct Mail Marketing?Previously on the blog, we discussed 'How to Use Direct Mail Advertising to Consistently Close BIG Deals'.Direct mail marketing can be one of the best advertising decisions you can make for your business. Thanks to its high ROI and customization, it's a surefire way to connect with customers you might not ordinarily have gotten responses from. However, like any other type of marketing campaign, direct mail marketing can be an investment. Thus, it's important to know when and where you should deploy it in ...
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hire for growth

Hire For Growth

Hire For Growth: How To Hire For Exponential Business GrowthLet me explain what I mean by "revenue attributable",It means your first 10 employees should do work that directly lead to an increase in revenue and profit.The following roles are revenue attributable, for example:Head of marketingSales managerAccount executiveSoftware developerDesignerCopywriterFacebook Ads expertThese roles, however are non-revenue attributable roles:Office managerPersonal assistantI.T. managerH.R. managerAccountantBookkeeperCleanerCan you see the difference between revenue attributable and non-revenue attributable roles?You want to FIRST hire folks who will help you generate more revenue and profit...When you spend money on hiring, ...
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marketing lesson

Marketing Lesson

Marketing Lesson: Why You Should Never Go For The Sales (And What To Do Instead) Let's not sugar coat it - marketing is hard. I've learnt alot of marketing lesson(s) in my 16years long career. Even though I have developed controversial yet astonishing effective marketing systems and strategies that has generated sales, grown revenue and profits for our clients,there's still so much to learn.Marketing is the most important skill you need to grow your business, but also the hardest to master.Why? Because it's always changing.My #1 lesson when it comes ...
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multi-channel marketing

Customer Acquisition

Customer Acquisition: How the Fastest-Growing Companies Use Multi-Channel Marketing For Explosive Growth.How do successful companies go about their customer acquisition in this digital age?You can run some ads on Google or Facebook...Maybe create some landing pages and 'dream clients' magnets to help improve performance...But what separates really successful campaigns from 'average' ones?I'm not just talking about growing companies but "scaling" companies.Here are some interesting stats for you...Marketing automation platform, Omnisend, ran a study where they analysed 2 billion campaigns sent using their platform in 2018.They found that companies using 3 ...
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direct mail advertising

Direct mail advertising

How To Use Direct Mail Advertising To Consistently Close BIG Deals.Have you ever wondered if direct mail advertising is worth your time?I’ve seen a lot of people complain about direct mail marketing, and how they feel it’s the worst marketing channel in the whole wide world.I’ve even heard people who have never tried direct mail advertising call it old school or outdated.Let me show you something for one second…Take a look at this image below.What can you see?Well, the data and marketing association discovered that direct mail grew by a ...
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When it comes to marketing, Johnson Emmanuel knows his onion. His passion for marketing and business growth is infectious. It's really a privilege working with him

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Johnson Emmanuel is known as the most sought after Business Growth & Marketing strategist in Africa.

He is famous for creating wildly Profitable & successful  online marketing strategies that  resulted in massive customers acquisition and Rapid revenue growth for his clients...  

Johnson has also developed some of the most wildly successful digital marketing campaigns that has generated multiple millions of dollars for business owners, entrepreneurs and CEOs in 19 different industries...


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