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Hi, I’m Johnson Emmanuel, join over 80,000 top performing entrepreneurs & business owners like you to download my FREE ‘Get 100 clients in 30days checklist’ and learn how to get customers, make consistent sales and rapidly grow your revenue.

Hi, I’m Johnson Emmanuel, join over 80,000 top performing entrepreneurs & business owners like you to download my FREE ‘Get 100 clients in 30days checklist’ and learn how to get customers, make consistent sales and rapidly grow your revenue

starting a multi-million naira business

start a business

START A BUSINESS: WHY THE ‘PERFECT TIME’ IS AN ILLUSION (& WHAT TO DO INSTEAD) Deep down your heart, you know you want to own a multi-million naira business because it will help you have more money,give you more time and you will be able to have more freedom,right?So, what is ringing in your head?'It's not just the perfect time'Sometimes ago I was with a friend who wanted to start a new business and he was complaining about the amount of money he had and how 'the time wasn't right'.The ...
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how to grow your company

How To Grow Your Company By Atleast 306% In Few Months.

Business Growth Playbook: How To Grow Your Company By Atleast 306% In Few Months. What do you think is the biggest question on the lips of most entrepreneurs and company founders? 'how to grow my company?' 'How to make sales?' or is it 'how to attend the next party?' I'll tell you straight! I recently surveyed a few thousand business founders and entrepreneurs on my email list -- and guess how much their businesses generate (on average)? 15 million naira per year … in that same survey, they told me ...
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How To Get Premium Clients

How To Get Premium Clients, Consistently.Would you like to get premium clients, every single day?You see, if you are able to consistently get high paying clients to your business…You’ll be able to expand very fast, you will be able to pay all the bills, you'll have alot of money to play around with in the bank, and you’ll never stay awake at night thinking ‘where will my customer come from?’The big question now is, how?Let me share a story of a guy named Nnamdi with you, his story will help ...
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how to be successful by mike adenuga

How to be successful

How To Be Successful: The Honest Confession of a Famous Billionaire How can unknown fellow become a billionaire and extra ordinary person? How does one become successful, and get to the top in life and business? How does one go from total broke ass to being extra ordinary wealthy and famous? Let me share a quick story with you… When I was in Primary (elementary) school, I had a friend whose name was Famous but this dude wasn’t even famous in school back then. He failed all exams while in ...
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Market Penetration

Market Penetration: How To Enter (and DOMINATE) A New Market Even If You’re Completely Unknown.Penetrating a new market could sometimes be very, very tough and it’s even worse…When you are competing against ‘giants.When your market is highly competitiveWhen you are completely new and know little to nothing about the market.When your marketing budget is low.The truth is if you want to win and win big in any market, you need to penetrate that market like a pro, and if you are able to do that effectively, you will dominate that ...
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How to double your business

How to double your business, fastWarning!Whether you’re new in business or not…Whether your want to double the size of your company or not…Whether you want to double your revenue or not…Whether you want to generate more traffic or not…Listen to this carefully…Your success in business is going to be determined by the kind of people you have in your business, period.I mean, the type of clients or customers that consistently floods into your business.It’s simple. If you are…Working with broke clients, it’s going to be hard for you to be ...
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2019 Goals: How to Plan Your Life and Business

2019 Goals: How to Plan Your Life and Business In 2019Most people don’t know how to plan their lives and business in a new year. Why do some people achieve some much in a year, while others achieve very little or even nothing?I strongly believe that life is all about planning-you either win or lose the battles of life on the strength of your plan.If you really want to set goals, and achieve your goals in 2019,this video might be one of the ‘few’ stuff you’ve got to watch.I covered ...
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