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Business Goal Setting: How to Plan Your Life and Business

Crushing Your Goals: How to Plan Your Life and Business In 2020 Most people don’t know how to plan their lives and business in a new year. Why do some people achieve some much in a year, while others achieve very little or even nothing? I strongly believe that life is all about planning-you either win or lose the battles of life on the strength of your plan. If you really want to set goals, and achieve your goals in 2020,this video might be one of the ‘few’ stuff you’ve ...
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Business Expansion: How to get International Clients Begging to pay you thousands (or millions) of dollars even if…

Business Expansion : How to Get International Clients Who Will Beg To Pay Thousands (or millions) of Dollars For Your Products/Services, even if you are… Would you like to expand your business to other countries and attract clients from abroad? In this day and age, having your business in the homes and offices in front of your ‘ideal’ customers anywhere in the world is just a click away. It’s super easy but definitely not simple. It is the dream of every business owner to expand their business, get high paying ...
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2019 Business Growth : 7 Business Trends (& Predictions) that will Make or Mar Your Business In 2019.

2019 Business Growth Strategies: 7 Business Trends (& Predictions) that will Make or Mar Your Business In 2019. Business trends helps you predict how the outlook of a given year will be, and once you know the best business trends, you’ll be able to plan , then, growing your business will be easy, and fun. One of the major secrets of success is to move faster, and quicker than others. So, while your competitions are reacting, you are expanding your business because you had already articulated all your plans, and ...
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Marketing Strategy CASE STUDY: How One Nigeria Company Generated N86,600, 000 in less than 60days despite the ‘Harsh’ Economy (& How you can steal the exact marketing strategy)

Marketing Strategy CASE STUDY: How One Nigeria Company Generated N86,600, 000 in less than 60days despite the ‘Harsh’ Economy (& How you can steal the exact marketing strategy) Do you want to explode your business in the quickest time possible? I’m going to share a fantastic marketing strategy with you today. It’s the same marketing strategy that generated over N61 million naira for a Nigeria company, and additional 25 million naira, making a total of 86milliin naira. The good thing is that I’m also going to be showing you how ...
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sell anything online

King of The Jungle: How Ordinary Entrepreneurs & Companies Move From Obscurity To Multi-Billion and Famous Super Stars.

Selling online: How 'Common' Entrepreneurs Move From Obscurity To Build Multi-Billion Dollars Companies, and become Famous Super Stars. Why are some companies so successful while others are NOT? I mean, what would make some companies smile to the bank with millions or even billions of dollars while others are just getting by? We had a seminar the other day for top entrepreneurs and during break, I saw one of the participants Googling ‘how to sell online’ and I asked him why he was doing that. He told me that he ...
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Book Marketing: How To Write One Book, Sell 27,000+ copies and acquire over 400 high-paying customers

Book Marketing Formula: How To Sell 27,000+ copies and Acquire over 300 High-Paying Clients...Even If You've NOT Written A Book Before Today is a great day for you because, I'm going to show you some of my best book marketing strategies. I hope you'll love it. When I wrote my first book in 2011, I published it on Amazon and in less than 3hours... I was named a ‘best-selling’ author in 5 categories. I was very excited and I bragged about it to the high heavens but I was a ...
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self improvement

Why I Bought One Book For N200,160

Personal Growth: Why I Bought One Book For N200,160Was I crazy to have paid N200,160 for a book?The best business advice I can give you to today is to invest in personal growth or what other people might call 'self improvement', to invest in yourself. You see, any investment in yourself ALWAYS have an incremental return.Anytime I invest $1 on myself, I usually get at least $300 return on my investment. Sounds funny, right?Let me share a story with you.I have a friend who was far ahead of me in ...
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What No Body Tells YOU About Entrepreneurship (& Business Growth)

What No Body Tells YOU About Entrepreneurship and Business Growth ‘I started my online business and in less than 3months, I made $90,000 without stress or any hard work, and I can show you how I did it too’. Sound familiar? If you go to Google right now, you’ll probably find more success stories than stories of 'how people failed'. Almost everyone will tell you how they made XYZ dollars in their shorts or while they were sleeping, and the next thing, you’re fired up to want to be like ...
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When it comes to marketing, Johnson Emmanuel knows his onion. His passion for marketing and business growth is infectious. It's really a privilege working with him

Who is Johnson Emmanuel?

Johnson Emmanuel is known as the most sought after Business Growth & Marketing strategist in Africa.

He is famous for creating wildly Profitable & successful  online marketing strategies that  resulted in massive customers acquisition and Rapid revenue growth for his clients...  

Johnson has also developed some of the most wildly successful digital marketing campaigns that has generated multiple millions of dollars for business owners, entrepreneurs and CEOs in 19 different industries...


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