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business mentorship by Johnson Emmanuel

Find Business Mentor

How To Find A Business Mentor That GROWS Your Business, and Transforms Your LifeIf you really, really want to transform your life, and business, this piece is a MUST READ.And that isn’t just an ordinary claim, it is fact.Picking a business mentor could be one of the best decisions you’ll ever make in your life, […]

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How To Generate High Ticket Clients On Demand.

How To Generate High Ticket Clients On Demand.When i say high ticket clients, I mean…High networth clients.Premium clients or what i call Deep Pocket Clients.Look, some businesses are going to fail.Not because people don’t want what they sell.Infact, alot of people want it.NOT because of low quality, quality might be the highest but a fellow […]

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Market Penetration

Market Penetration: How To Enter  (and DOMINATE)  A New Market Even If You’re Completely Unknown.I just came out from a business summit…Someone just asked me…’How to penetrate a new market?’.I think it’s a great question.You see,penetrating a new market could sometimes be very, very tough and it’s even worse…When you are competing against  industry ‘goliath’ […]

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