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Want To Make 2018 Your Best Year In Business? 

In all honesty, if I ask you to use only one word to describe this year,2017, what is the PERFECT word that you would use?

I remembered what happened clearly in December of 2016.

I was in a room with some amazing entrepreneurs, they were 6 in numbers.

They all wanted me to do ONE THING for them.

‘Johnson, help us marshal out plan for 2017’.

That is exactly what happened.

Guess what happened?

One person who was at that event is in the real estate business and this year, so far he has been able to close deals worth over three hundred million naira, yes, N300 Million naira in 2017 and still counting.

Another person who runs a restaurant was able to open 4 new outlets for her business. She had ONLY one in 2016 but in 2017, due to that event, she moved to 4.

Another one who’s is a coach and consultant was able to take his business from 1.8 Million in 2016 to N6.2Million in 2017 and still counting.

What made the difference for this folks?

I invited them to a one day mastermind and I called it ‘The Emmanuel Gang’.

We were ONLY 6. The event was only one day but they’re yet to recover from the effect because their lives and businesses are transformed.

How would you like your 2018 to be?

Are You Ready To Take Charge Of 2018?


On the 15th of December, 2017, I’m hosting ‘The Emmanuel Gang’ again, to help you marshal your strategies for 2018 and I’ll even go beyond that this time.

Of course, I will be showing you some ‘secrets’ that I have never, ever shown to anybody, these are the secrets that will change your 2018.

Yes, there will be plenty of food to eat and drink. Last year, we did buffet kind of thing.

In case you are unable to come to Lagos live, Elera is in PH, Henry is in Benin and Habib is in Abuja, I will provide a very special link for them to hook up live.

The point is, nothing should hold you back.

Here’s part of what I’m covering on that day…

= > 5 Revenue Generation centers that are seating inside your business and how to tap all of them in 2018 to grow your revenue and maximize your profit.

= > Customized 90Days ROADMAP for the first quarter of 2018. I have heard people say January to March is always the hardest. It is true because they don’t have a roadmap.

You’ll leave the mastermind with your own customize roadmap printed for you. It is not a digital copy, I mean real life copy that you will hold and you can flip through them.

= > 3 Things I did that blew up the revenue of our Nigerian brand beyond my wildest imagination and how you too can use it to boost your revenue In 2018.

= > Omnipresent Effect: How to make your business to be everywhere at the same time so that people will see you as an authority in your marketplace in 2018 (HINT: I have never ever shown any mortar-man or woman this strategy)

= > The three things we did that blew up our business in 2017 and how you can implement it inside your business, this is GUARANTEED to blow open your biz.

= > How I’m going to launch a business, KissFusion, to Multi-Million naira. This is a TOP secret. I’m going to open everything.

Yes, I have special Christmas and new year gifts for you.

The fee for this event is cheap, just 50,000 ONLY and enrollment closes this weekend. I need ONLY two people left.

I wanted only 6 people and within 24hours, all the 6slots were taken and since I’m obligated to you, I decided to add 2 more slots.

So, I need ONLY 2 more people and the closing date is this weekend, Saturday.

If you cant make it to Lagos but would still love to attend the event, tell me about it, I might make special arrangement for you.

If you’re interested, don’t delay.

Justclick here right now
It’s a mastermind, not a seminar, so it is ONLY for a total of 8 people.

I’m waiting to read your message, let's make your 2018, the best ever!

There's a secret gift worth over 200,000 naira that I'm going to give away. It's my secret weapon for 2018, it was tough before i decided to add it to what you're going to get but I did. Click here to apply for free
Thanks for your time,
Johnson Emmanuel
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