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...This controversial NEW BOOK has helped 11,642 Entrepreneurs and Business owners In 10 Countries To Consistently Generate (New & Repeat) Sales From AFFLUENT customers, clients & buyers who Pay Big Money So they can easily explode revenue, and dramatically boost profit.

Adewuyi Tamilore

This month, I made twice my regular profit implementing the strategies in the book...

Adewuyi Tamilore, CEO-POSHI WEARS.

I Bought your book and guess what? I ALREADY closed four Premium Clients within 10days.


Charge 2x, 10x or even 100x More Than Your Biggest Competitors, Without...

Changing anything about your product or services and still get a LONG-LIST of begging-to-buy premium clients, customers and buyers.

If you are hungry, and want to get a heavy & consistent downpour of affluent, premium & high-paying customers & buyers, regardless of what type of products or services you sell...

Here's Everything...The Complete Bundle You're Getting!

  • Brand NEW  Physical Copy of Deep Pocket Clients shipped & delivered in 24-48hours, anywhere in Nigeria. (Value N50,000) 
  • Secret access to “Wealthy Buyers Downpour" Masterclass. (Value N250,000)
  • The High-Paying Buyers Locator to discover exactly where to get loads of affluent buyers (Value- N65,500)
  • 5 Premium Clients In 72-Hours Challenge to help you get 5 affluent clients in 72hours.(Value- N58,00)
  • ‘5x Revenue Boost Protocol’ to 5x, 10x or 100x your revenue quickly. (Value- N95,000)
  •  ‘Offer Boosters’ to make them pay any amount. (N45,000 Value)
  • Leaked 8-Figures MindShift Recording from the 8-Figures Business Owners Summit.(N70,000 Value)
  • The Instant Persuader to make them say “YES” instantly. (N19,500 Value)

₦‎652,500 Total Value Plus...

Shipping! Instead of ₦652,500, invest Only ₦29,900!

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Get Double Your Money Back Guarantee!

Get  your copy of the Deep Pocket Clients (and all of the bonuses) and execute, If you don't get mind-blowing revenue growth, and crazy sales,let us know. We'll not only refund your money, we'll double it. We are that confident! The risk is on us!

Why I'm I Making This Type of INSANE Offer?

It's simply because...

This bundle will help you generate a heavy & consistent downpour of high-paying buyers, explode your sales, and immediately 5x, 10x or even 100X your revenue, and profit...

Regardless of what type of products or services you offer, 11,000+ readers can't be wrong! This book will explode your revenue.

If after implementing the secrets inside this book, you don't see CRAZY revenue growth within weeks, let us know, we'll immediately refund you double of what you invested.

So, eitherway, you'll make money money.

How cool is that?

I know that what you're getting is HUGE STEAL but I want to help you completely crush your competitors, no matter how big they're.


What If I Don't Like The Book?

No problem! Email us and say this. "I don't like It." You'll instantly be refunded no questions asked, and you'll still keep the book and bonuses.  All we ask is read the book, take notes in a Google doc and go through all of the bonuses & execute. If after that you're not happy let us know and you'll get DOUBLE-YOUR-MONEY back. No questions asked.


Really, how good is this Deep Pocket Clients book? 

I'm biased but it's by far, hands down the best marketing strategy you can use to generate consistent, predictable results in your business. Unbiased, real feedback from entrepreneurs just like you is a little further down this page. When you read this book, you wont even want any of your competitors to lay hands on it. It's that powerful!


What is the Deep Pocket Clients book about?

Well, for starters, the Deep Pocket Clients book is a unique step-by-step system for acquiring affluent customers and clients every single day, no matter what you sell. It's unique because, it’s not the typical business book. Instead, it enables you to attract prospects & buyers who's pocket are deep, and ready to buy at whatever price, so you can dramatically boost revenue, and profit. Yes, no matter what type of products or services you sell, anywhere in the world. It doesn't matter if you started business yesterday, or you're 20years old, or the size of your company. One of our students brought in additional N350M in sales implementing the stuff in the book.


If I Buy Now, When Will Get To Me?

I know you're in rush to consume the book. We ensure a 24hours-72hours delivery anywhere you're in Nigeria. Yes, anywhere in Nigeria but you need to complete your order now! If you're abroad, we ship abroad, you'll get it within 5days, email the team Support@Johnsonemmanuel.com after payment.


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