How We Are Launching A Multi-Million Dollar Digital Marketing Agency In Lagos (& How It Concerns You & Your Business)

We’re at the peak of launching a multi-million dollar Digital Marketing Agency in Lagos but the big question is, what goes through my mind when I’m launching a new business?

If you have followed me long enough, you would already know that I have launched a lot of businesses. I’m very addicted to launching businesses, it just makes me feel happy.

As usual, my goal is to launch one of the best digital marketing agencies in Nigeria with a 99.9% focus on revenue growth.

In today’s post, I’m going to be telling you the ‘WHY’ and ‘HOW’ I’m launching this new business and what i will like to describe as the fastest growing digital marketing agency or digital advertising agency in Africa, and who it is going to change the entire digital marketing space.

Ofcourse, we are going to make some mistakes along the way but we will try to minimize our mistakes.

You’re going to LOVE this post, I hope.

You might be wondering….

‘Johnson, there are a lot of Digital Marketing Agency in Lagos and indeed Nigeria, why the heck are you going ahead’.

Great question!

Let me even tell you that there are hundreds (if not thousands) of Digital Marketing Agency in Lagos  and Nigeria and if you go to Google now with the search term…

‘list of Digital Marketing Agency in Lagos Nigeria’ or ‘marketing agencies in Nigeria', you’re likely going to find a lot of response.

Infact, if you type in 'best digital marketing agency in Nigeria', 'top digital marketing agency in Lagos or Nigeria' or any such thing, you will see alot of response.

So, 'why is Johnson going into this despite the fact that there are a lot of guys in the business already?'

I’ll tell you.

Discover The Need

There are many Digital Marketing Agency in Lagos already but are they meeting the needs of the market?

Has Digital Marketing Agency in Lagos and Nigeria really helped businesses in Nigeria?

I don’t think so, and I will tell you why.

Almost every week, I get to hear some complaints by some established businesses who say they spent XYZ amount of money on a marketing campaign but got no ROI.

That is exactly one of the gaps I’m going to be filling in the market space.

I’m very BIG on ROI, 100%.

Sometimes ago, my company got hired by a very well known company to help them plan and execute their marketing campaigns.

When we started the analysis of the company, I asked the head of marketing these simple questions.  Here’s how our discussion went…

Me: What is your monthly marketing budget?

Head of marketing: It’s 15 Million naira

Me: Great! What are the RIO you guys got from spending that amount last month?

Head of marketing: Hmmm…we don’t track any ROI, we have a budget that needs to be spent monthly or else our bosses will query us’


So, I will give you 15million naira monthly for nothing?

That was one of the craziest things I have heard.

Do you know how much that is in a year?

180 million naira!

This kind of thing happen all the time.

We have also worked with a top HR company who gave us what they thought was the best ROI to track but when we got deep into their business, we discovered that wasn’t the right ROI to track.

Do you know how much we saved for them by first analyzing their business?

N120 Million naira.

Well, the money is huge, what about the time, stress and mental torture?

In the course of my work, I have heard a lot of top executives, business owners and entrepreneurs who say digital marketing isn’t for their kind of business, and this is very, very far from the truth.

Let this sink into you…

No matter what kind of business you do, no matter your price point, no matter your location, online marketing can make the biggest difference for you.

I’m NOT kidding.

I have seen struggling business go from ‘obscurity’ to ‘limelight’ because of the power digital marketing.

I have seen businesses making almost no money, almost 'dying' to making millions of dollars in monthly revenue because they added digital marketing to their marketing strategy.

So, if you are seeking to launch a new business or even grow your existing one, you also want to find out an angle your competitors are not tapping in on.

Most digital marketing & advertising agencies don’t care about the customers’ ROI at least based on the stories I have heard from folks.

So, always discover a need, and never ever in your life be afraid of competition. I LOVE it, a lot!

In Business, Competition is good for your growth. You need alot of it.

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If people are already doing the kind of business you intend to do, it means that people are already spending money in that area, so, go in there and compete.

I have done this over and over.

Let me give you one example.

We have an e-commerce business in a very unpopular niche, when we launched that business, we noticed that there was competition, I mean ‘heavy’ one.

What we did was to look at the top 5 leaders in that market, and we gave them a run for their money. We eventually displaced 2 of them and took over their spot.

Just get your marketing right, even your competitors will envy you and would want to be like you.

The ‘Next’ Multi-Billion Naira Business

I believe strongly in running multi-billion naira business.

The banks, the techos,  established startups, Facebooks, etc are all multi-billion Naira and dollar businesses, why can't I build one?

I know someone who runs a $150 million dollar per year digital  marketing agency business and has over 100 staff and they are amazing.

I believe that the easiest way to build a multi-billion naira or multi-million dollar business is simple…

#1: Handpick the best clients (more on this later)

#2: Charge them high fees, I mean high fees. When I say high fees, I don’t mean N250,000. I mean something very high, and in most cases, it is only established businesses & funded startup that can pay that. 

Instead of charging 8 persons N250,000 each, look for only one established company or a funded startup and charge them N5 Million. You get the drift?

#3: Give the clients the best service or product so that they will stick with you for life, and pay you 10X what they paid you before.

So, if they paid you 10million naira, the next fee becomes 100 million naira.

Guess what?

They will pay as long as the services and products are awesome. As long as you keep improving their lives and business with your product.

That is the fastest path to building a mega business.

Hire The Best Talent

I strongly believe that the team you hire will either make or mar you.

If you have the best team, you will likely be the best in the business.

 Fortunately, I believe in hiring the best and paying them the best fees.

Yes, pay them more than your competitors are paying their employees.

Once I see a great talent, I do everything to get the person onboard because I believe that the talent will give me more than what I will give him.

Facebook is great today is not only because Mark is amazing, it is because he has some of the best guys in the world.

Make your staff as comfortable as possible.

I’m not talking about hiring people who want ‘only your money’ but guys who are crazily passionate about the job. Once you get those sets of people, reward them heavily.

If you think they will be good to you and your business, you also have to be good to them and their needs.

Don’t hire for the sake of hiring.

Ok, let me put it this way, don’t hire to fill a vacant position, hire to fill a need.

Don’t hire to fill a vacant position, hire to fill a need.

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I have noticed that one of the hardest things in business is hiring. Geez!!!

I have hired some top HR firms to hire talents for us but the problem is that they are NOT in my kind of business, and most times, they get it wrong.

First, when I hire,  i don’t care about your BSc or MBA, I care more about YOU and what you can do.

My current head of marketing is a first class graduate ( in marketing) from a university in Ghana, she’s 26 but she’s just amazing.

However, the head of our graphic design is a high school graduate.

He’s never been to a university in his entire life but he’s awesome.

I know he is awesome, I pay him awesome fees, LOL!

Point is, it doesn't matter what degree you have so long you can do the work.

Another thing I do is to provide room for internship.

 Now, this is Internship, no a paid role. Although I give stipend to help the interns keep ‘body and soul’ together.

In some cases, I hire the best of the intern. If an intern is so good, why would I let him or her go after investing a lot of time on him?

The only condition I will let them go is if they are NOT good enough for me.

I believe in hiring world-class talents, do work class marketing in our ad agency, get the client a world class result and get paid a world class fees.

Marketing, Marketing, marketing & More Marketing

I see marketing as an investment.

You Need To Start Seeing Marketing As an Investment because that is what it is.

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Once I start a new business, I focus all my energy on marketing.

 70% of our effort and money go into marketing.

You should invest more in marketing.

Get all the best programs, books in marketing.

 If possible, hire the best marketing firm in the world because the success of your business revolves around marketing.

Your competitors may be seeing marketing as an expense, you have to see it differently, that is how you can win BIG.

I always say ‘marketing is to a business what oxygen is to human’.

digital marketing agencies in nigeria

I beg you, spend more on marketing.

I don’t joke with marketing.

Work With ONLY The Best Clients

I’m very selective about who I work with.

I have turned down more people than I accepted. I won’t work with everyone who seek to work with us. We’re going to be very, very selective.

We will only work with clients that we can provide the best result for.

Clients who will love and who love us.

Of course, the clients are only the people who will be able to pay our fees.

You don’t want to work with every client, you need to handpick.

We are going this path because we want to work with only a few clients so that we can focus on providing them massive result.

I believe that if you can get the client a great result, the client will stay with you for a very long time.

The clients must meet some conditions, let me give you an example.

If you are a dating coach, who will you want to work with?

Mr. A, a busy executive, who is seriously seeking to settle down, he earns $200,000 per year and he is over 40years.

Mr. B, a university undergraduate who is 25 and seeking to have an amazing girlfriend.

You tell me, who of these two guys will you want to work with?

I know you are smart, ‘Mr. A’ will be your choice because he is ready to get married, he can afford you and he wants to get result now.

Most business owners and entrepreneurs don’t even know who their potential customers are, you need to spend a lot of time doing this.

You MUST know who your target customers are.

My Next Move

I know what is going through your mind now, ‘what next is Johnson going to do?’

Although we are launching what I believe will be the biggest marketing agency in Africa, and that is going to make me more focused on some major things, and less focus on minor things.

I’m focused now on helping businesses develop a well-oiled marketing strategy, rapidly grow their revenue.

Let me repeat that, my focus is on revenue growth.

Nothing gets me high like when we develop and deploy a marketing campaign for a client, and they get amazing results.

Words like this…

‘Johnson, we were doing 20 million monthly, after that last campaign, we jumped to 42 million naira per month’

‘We just made our first 100 million in 6months’

‘We generated 520 million naira last year, all kudos to your marketing genius’.

Although I will be building a lot of businesses on the side, I’m more focused on building a multi-billion naira marketing agency in Lagos, and most importantly, helping businesses generate more customers, make more sales and rapidly grow their revenue.

As far as I’m concern, it’s about the ROI that will make the greatest impact in the bottom line of the business.

YOU Are Next In Line…

I have shared some strategies that I’m going to be using along the line, all you have to do is to ‘copy and paste’ me.

Never be afraid to go into a new marketing, hire the best talent in the world, and focus more on marketing because that is what will make the biggest difference in your business.

I’m curious, what help do you need about taking your business to the ‘next level’, just drop it below and I’ll do justice to it.

Also, if you seeking to launch a business now, let me know about it below and I’ll see what to do to help you.‌

About the author 

Johnson Emmanuel

Johnson Emmanuel is one of Africa’s most sought-after Business growth & Marketing strategist. He has consulted and advised businesses in 69 countries and in over 100 different industries, teaching over 650,000 people through his seminars, content, and training. He’s an expert at helping companies make more sales, higher profits, and more money.

  • Keep it up bro… This is awesome

    • Johnson Emmanuel says:

      Happy to know you love it, Charlie!

      Let me know how it helps you improve your business.

  • I have missed your coaching classes twice.
    I am starting an online retail business. I need your guidance on how to kick start it.

    • Johnson Emmanuel says:

      I’m so sorry to hear you missed our coaching program and thanks for writing in. I’m not very clear on what kind of stuff you seeking to seel, if you give me details, I might help.

  • Johnson your business ideology is amazing. Am setting up a multi billion naira facility management company and would appreciate your input.
    Best regards


    • Johnson Emmanuel says:

      Thanks for the kind words, John but you didn’t tell me what stage you are right now. If you are serious about setting up a MULTI-BILLION NAIRA business, you should know it is a serious business. Get a consulting firm to help you fix things.

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