How To Generate High Ticket Clients On Demand.

When i say high ticket clients, I mean...

High networth clients.

Premium clients or what i call Deep Pocket Clients.

Look, some businesses are going to fail.

Not because people don't want what they sell.

Infact, alot of people want it.

NOT because of low quality, quality might be the highest but a fellow with a crappy product might just be smiling to the bank.


Now, listen carefully...

Your business model will make or mar you.

Alot of people work really hard but they never get enough reward, and worst still, the business folds.

The best business model attracts the best clients who pay you the best fees.

Adewuyi Tamilore

Adewuyi Tamilore

CEO, Poshi Wears.

I made twice my regular profit implementing the strategies in your book,Deep Pocket Clients. I make about 200k profit monthly normally but it went up to about 430k.

If you have the wrong business model, you will work with the wrongs sets of clients who will stress out your life.

Now, let me show you a real world example.

What do Ford and Rolls Royce have in common?

Obviously they're both cars. They get you from point A to B. Ford does it economically, Rolls Royce does it in style.

How much does a typical Ford cost?

I did a search on

Here's what i found.

ford car price

Now, let's look for the Rolls Royce...

The Ford Fiesta is $16,230 and the Rolls Royce Wraith is $394,000. What's the first thing you notice about their prices?

The Rolls Royce is 24X more expensive than the Ford Fiesta.

...or put another way, you could buy 1 Rolls Royce or 24 Ford cars.

Is Rolls Royce crazy? Or do they know something we don't?

NO, they are sticking to the business model that is making them alot of money.

They need less customers,less stress unlike the Ford car sellers.

Infact, in 2018 they sold more cars than they EVER have:

"In 2018,Rolls-Royce Motor Cars achieved annual sales of 4,107 units (+22.2%), the highest in the marque's 115-year history."

... so obviously their high prices are working.

But it's a lot more than just high prices.

Laura Nze

New Media Consultant

I Bought your book,Deep Pocket Clients, and guess what?  I ALREADY have 4 Premium Clients within 10days.

Rolls Royce understand their market really, really well.

They don't sell to everyone. They sell to affluent buyers only.

Put simply, they focus on the top 10% of the luxury car market and leave the remaining 90% to everyone else (Porsche, McLaren, Bentley, etc).

I call this the "market pyramid" and it looks like this:

you think about the top 10% of people in the market for a luxury car:

  • They are successful entrepreneurs
  • They have a LOT of money
  • They are NOT price sensitive
  • They're buying more than "just" a car
All of these attributes apply to the top 10% of prospects in YOUR market too. In fact, they apply in every market.

The bottom 90% of the market are the complete opposite, though:

  • They work a typical 9 to 5 job
  • They DON'T have a lot of money
  • They ARE price sensitive
... so if Rolls Royce can sell a car for 24x more than a Ford -- and they do that by focusing on affluent buyers only (the top 10% of their market), then let me ask you a question:

What would happen in YOUR business if you ONLY focused on the top 10% of your market?

Let me give you a hint...

  • You would need fewer clients to hit your revenue goals
  • Your profit margins would explode
  • You could afford to hire more people and delegate more work
  • You would stop attracting clients who pis* you off
  • Your stress levels would drop literally overnight
How can I be so sure? Well, that's exactly what my business is like...

I only sell to the top 10% of my market (entrepreneurs running existing businesses doing at least 6 figures in annual sales) and I charge premium prices.

  • I don't need a lot of sales.
  • Our profit margins are north of 70%
  • I have a team that runs the actual business
  • My customers are amazing, inspiring entrepreneurs
  • The business doesn't stress me out

... but just like Rolls Royce doesn't sell cars, I don't sell training.

Rolls Royce sells a lifestyle.

They know they're NOT in the car business.

Rolls Royce is in the luxury lifestyle business.

After all, you don't spend $394,000 on "just" a car.

And Rolls Royce knows that.

Similarly, I'm not in the training business.

I'm also in the lifestyle business, just in a different way.

People don't spend thousands of dollars with us because they want to watch videos about how to grow their business.

They do because they know that they can build a massive business that way.

  • They want to work less and make way more
  • They want control of their time
  • They want to be a role model for their kids
... and that's exactly what I "sell" (honestly and ethically) in my marketing.

If you are like most people who come to us, what you think you sell is NOT actually what people buy from you.

If you want to 2-10x what you charge, you have to stop selling WHAT you do and start selling the WHY.

Let me give you a good example from my business.

  • WHAT: Courses, mentoring and live events to help you grow your business faster, based on what I've learned building 8 companies to $200,000,000 in total sales (and counting).

  • WHY: So you can live an incredible life, look after your family, make an impact and build a legacy that will live on for generations to come.
The "what" appeals to your logic.

The "why" appeals to your heart.

If you want to dramatically increase your prices, you need to use emotion, NOT logic in your marketing messages.

I need you to make a decision today about the type of business and life you seek for yourself BUT...

I like to know, what do you think you are selling?

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Johnson Emmanuel

Johnson Emmanuel is one of Africa’s most sought-after Business growth & Marketing strategist. He has consulted and advised businesses in 69 countries and in over 100 different industries, teaching over 650,000 people through his seminars, content, and training. He’s an expert at helping companies make more sales, higher profits, and more money.

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