How To Become Authority in your market, Charge High Fees & sell your product & Services before you even create them.

Would you like to sell your product and services before you even create them?

Would you like to be the most credible and trusted authority in your market?

Would you also like to charge a high fee?

I’ve got a BRAND new video for you.

Watch the video and leave your questions or comments below

About the author 

Johnson Emmanuel

Johnson Emmanuel is one of Africa’s most sought-after Business growth & Marketing strategist. He has consulted and advised businesses in 69 countries and in over 100 different industries, teaching over 650,000 people through his seminars, content, and training. He’s an expert at helping companies make more sales, higher profits, and more money.

  • Esse Precious says:

    Thank you sir for the video.

    I have really learnt that it is the quality of character and integrity that comes before selling. That is positioning myself as an authority in the export field. All round quality is what makes people pay you without thinking.
    Therefore, I need to get customers first, establish a trustworthy relationship with them before selling to them; this way, I charge for both my integrity and quality products (my worth).
    My question now is: how and where do I get foreign buyers for my products? (Ginger, bittercola and cocoa)
    Thanks again.
    Esse Precious.

    • Johnson Emmanuel says:

      I’m happy to know you love it, Precious. Yes, we need trust to be about to sell more of whatever stuff we are selling. Feel free to send me an email,I’d love to help answer the second aspect of your question.

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