MUST READ! Special Letter From Johnson Emmanuel

From the desk of, Johnson Emmanuel,

Dear friend,

This is a very special letter, and I want you to read it to the end. If possible, read it 3times.

Yes, the letter is that important, and I need you to pay serious attention to it.

This letter is capable of catapulting your business and life to the next phase.

You see,nothing in this whole world makes me happy like growing businesses.

Yes, the birth of my first son, David was something I can’t forget because that was the day I officially became a dad but guess what?

As much as David brought me bundle of joy, the bundle of joy I get whenever I help a business grow is something I cant just describe till date.

Let me share the story of Ikenna with you…

Ikenna is one of our clients, his business was almost ‘dead’ and through my help and the help of my team, we jacked the dying business back to life.

A business that couldn’t make 500,000 naira made over 50 million naira.

I asked Ikenna to update me on revenue, look at what he said below.

When it comes to growing businesses, attracting more customers, making more sales, getting premium clients, expanding, etc, It’s what I do best.

Just recently, named me as the #1 marketing influencial in Africa and not long ago, London Graduate School nominated me for an honorary PhD degree (in business) award because of my roles in helping businesses grow.

Why I’m I Saying This?

It’s simple.

I was told that you recently made some deposit to join one of my programs but due to some reasons, you are yet to complete it.

First, let me even congratulate you.

You’re a CHAMPION, anytime, anyday.

I’m super proud of you while I also urge you to do what other champions do.

You see, a champion starts a thing and completes that thing.

You see, the year is running away,very fast.

We are already in March and before you say ‘jack’, it is December.

The more you delay, the further you stay away from your goal.

Yes, I know you may have one or two genuine reasons or even excuses but my good friend, Josh said that excuse are the oil that harbinate failures.

Meaning, no excuse is good enough.

Many  years ago when I started, I was to buy a program for 5,000 DOLLARS and all I had was about 1.6 million naira, home and abroad.

I had a lot of demands,I actually needed another 3 million to fix some pressing needs.

I was at a standstill.

My friends already own cars, I was the only one without a car.

I could buy a good car with 1.6 million naira and join the league of car owners.

Guess what I did?

I did the hardest thing.

You see, sometimes, doing the right thing could be very,very,very tough.

So, I decided to invest in myself and my business.

It was NOT easy. It wasn't convenient. It was a hard decision. I was scared. I had doubts. I had 100 million excuses while i shouldn't but i still did.

Today, the difference between me and those friends is like the difference between day and night.

I had reasons to give excuses but chose not to.

Let me ask you this…

How are you getting on since?

I have a lot of things to say  but I would rather stop here with this one message…

Leave whatever you’re doing now and complete the process TODAY.

Yes, TODAY, not tomorrow.

Make the transfer or bank deposit TODAY and lets get started, no time to waste.

I may not be able to write you another letter due to my time schedule and there’s even pressure from my head of program to move on WITHOUT you but I’m trying to resist him for now but I’m not sure how long I can keep the pressure off.

Email my team at   and they’ll help you out.

Your friend,