How to Turn  Passion & Expertise To A Highly  Profitable (Multi) Million Dollar Business.

What if I tell you that you are sitting on ‘pure gold’ but you don’t know it, would you believe me?

If you have anything that looks like a passion, skill, knowledge or expertise, it is you I’m talking to.

Have you started making money from that yet?

If you have any of the things I just mentioned, then you are supposed to be FAR richer than you currently are because we are in a knowledge (what you know) economy.

In this post, I’m going to show you why and how to turn your knowledge, skill, passion or expertise into a lucrative online business that not only pays your bills but helps you to live like a king or queen.

When I say ‘pay your bill’, I mean a business that gives you a fortune, the opportunity to impact the world, and also the freedom to do what you love and when you love it.

It doesn’t matter what passion, knowledge, skill, or expertise you have, you can turn it into a lucrative internet-based business.

Ok, let me prove to you that it doesn’t matter what passion or expertise you have, all you need is a simple system that will help you impact the world with what you know.

N1,000,000 In 3days Case Study

I have a client, incidentally, she’s a fellow church member of mine. I took particular interest in this lady because she seemed committed to her service to God.

For example, she ensures the church is clean so she comes to church before anyone else.

So, one day, I asked her about her discipline, she told me that she’s an interior decoration expert.

That’s alot of money…

I mean, it’s a business that will make anyone who knows what to do alot of money.

We got talking and she eventually told me that things were tough for her and she needed to ‘sow seed’ (paying tithe in the church) by doing the work of God in order to attract God’s help.

I smiled and asked her if she knew that she was sitting on gold. We got talking and I eventually helped her turn that knowledge into a digital product.

We launched that digital product in 4 weeks, we made N1,000,000 within 72hours.

She was completely surprised.

If you think her result was sterling, then you have not seen anything yet. I say that because the majority of my clients are based in the US, Australia, Canada, Europe and some parts of the middle east.

There’s this particular lady who’s a dating coach, we got working together and within 3 weeks, she made $25,000.

If you have any passion, skill, knowledge or expertise, you should never lack money. You should be able to call money by name.

We are in a knowledge-based economy right now.

People always ask me, ‘Johnson, do I need a specific skill?’. The answer is NO.

If you have a successful offline or physical business, you should have an online or a digital version of that business.

Why Anybody Can Do It

If you own a successful gym for example, what stops you from creating an online program to teach other gym owners how you became successful?

If you have been married for 30 years and your marriage is peaceful, what stops you from creating an online program to teach other people how to have a successful marriage?

If you have written any professional exam and passed successfully, what stops you from creating an online program to teach others how to pass the same exam?

If you are a medical doctor who runs a successful clinic, what stops you from teaching others how you became successful?

When you do these, you position yourself as the leader and authority in your marketplace.

People will respect you more and listen to you more and you will make more money.

No matter what you are currently doing, if you have passion, skill, knowledge, and expertise, you can really make a fortune, make an impact, and the best part, you will have time and freedom.

You can see I keep saying internet-based business. It’s because that is where all the monies are made currently.

Also, once you set up your business, it runs on itself. The only place you will have few challenges is in setting it up. once you do that, the business powers itself.

Yes, you can begin to make money while you sleep once your entire system starts running and it’s not hard to achieve.

I love the opportunity to impact lives. I love the fact that I l get paid handsomely for what I love to do and the most exciting thing is that I have freedom to do what I love to do.

I’m not taking ‘orders’ from one boss who doesn’t like my face.

No matter who you are, you can really make good money from the internet. I say so because I know that. It’s not as complicated as people want you to believe.

How to Discover Your passion, Skill, Expertise or Knowledge.

Sit down for a moment.,

write down a list of all the things you love to do.

List out all the expertise you have.

List out all your life experiences.

List out all the frustrations you have gone through in life that you would not wish your enemy to go through.

Next Step To Profiting From Your Passion

pick the ones you really, really love.

Pick the ones you really, really enjoy most.

Pick the ones you are most qualified to do.

If you are doing this exercise, you can see already that you already have something to sell.

Conclusively, if you are an employee, you can make your 12months salary in 3days, once you turn your passion to wealth.

If you own your own business, you really don’t know how much you are leaving on the table until you start adding this revenue stream into your business.

I know you have questions or comments, why not drop them below, I’ll answer every single one of them.



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