Monetize Your Passion Summit

 One Day Live Event Reveals How To Turn Your Passion, Talent, Knowledge and Expertise Into A Highly Profitable 7-Figure  Per Month Business In 60Days or Less Even If You Are A Newbie…

​Without Getting Stressed,Frustrated or Breaking The Bank

Saturday,Nov. 4, Ikeja, Lagos

​Imagine Starting a business that gives you a lot of Fortune, fame and freedom…

​Learn how How To Earn More Money, Make A Bigger Impact In The World and Work Less By Starting A Business That Gives You Freedom, Fortune and Fame...

​Imagine getting paid to do what you would even be happy to do for free...

Join Johnson Emmanuel, 2 other amazing guest speakers & a few other handpicked participants and learn how to turn your talent, passion, skill, expertise or knowledge into a 7figure Per Month business.

MONETIZED YOUR PASSION SUMMIT is a one day live event in Lagos.

Here's A Video of The last Edition Of MONETIZE YOUR PASSION SUMMIT...

Here's what a what an America Citizen, a New York Times Best selling Author, A multi-million (in USD) has to say...

John L. Dumas  Multi-millionaire & Founder, EntrepreneurOnFire

Johnson Emmanuel lays out the simple & proven roadmap that shows you how to take what you already have inside your head and turn it into a successful business that gives you a lot of fortune, fame and freedom.

Monetize Your Passion Summit is for you if...

  • Aspiring Business Owner/Entrepreneurs
  • ​Employees seeking to sack their boss or have multiple streams of income.
  • People who want to get paid for their passion, skills, talent, expertise or knowledge.

  • Established Business Owners/Entrepreneurs
  • Business Owners & Entrepreneurs who want more than one stream of income.
  • People who want to get paid by impacting the lives of other people.

This is NOT just ‘another event’, Johnson will breakdown everything he has done for himself and his clients who have now successful turned their passion, skill, expertise and knowledge into a Highly profitable business, you’ll learn how they did it.

It doesn’t matter if you are an experienced entrepreneur or NOT, Johnson is going to show you how to turn your passion, skill, expertise and knowledge into a new business.

This event is practical where Johnson will be dancing ‘naked’ before you and you’ll learn everything that will help you launch a business with your passion, skill, expertise and knowledge.

In this incredible oneday live event, you’ll learn:

  • The 3 step framework for discovering your MOST profitable passion, talent, skill or expertise.

Most people have too many passion, skills, talent, Johnson will help you discover the one that is most profitable, the one that people are ready to pay for right now.

If you don’t also know what your passion, skill or expertise is, Johnson will help you discover it in 5 minutes or less.

  • How to structure, package & brand your passion, talent, skills or expertise so that people will value it and beg to pay for it.

Most so called ‘gurus’ talk about how your life will transform once your discover your talent but they don’t show you how to structure it for people to value it.

That is one place that Johnson is totally different, you’re going to learn how to structure your talent, gift, expertise in such a way that people will NOT only value it but they’ll beg to pay handsomely for it.

  • How to create simple marketing system that will bring clients to you instead of you going to meet clients.

Let’s face it, most people don’t know how to market their talent, passion, expertise or knowledge.

At this live event, you’re going to learn how to create a simple system that will bring clients to your business every single day.

It was the same simple marketing system that one of my students used and he got 11 clients begging to pay him in less than 24hours.

  • ​Live Case Studies from some of My Amazing Students

You are going to meet some of my students who have successful turned their passion, skill, expertise into a thriving business and most of them are already on the fastlane to 7figures per month.

  • ​How to automate your business so that it runs without you.

You’re going to learn how to automate your business so that you’ll make sales even while you sleep or while you are on vacation.

How would you feel to see a bank credit alert when you wake up in the morning? You’re going to learn how to do it.


​Now, Meet some of our amazing students and past attendees

I was at Monetize Your Passion Summit in Lagos and Johnson Emmanuel over delivered. Johnson is someone who's very passionate about what he does and I will encourage anyone who has the opportunity to learn from him to immediately jump on the opportunity. For me, Monetize Your Passion Summit was an 'eye opener'  Derin Ogunmola

I was at Monetized Your Passion Summit in Lagos and was mesmerized with the dexterity which you exhibited. I'm grateful for the knowledge and advice you impacted us that day, You Always Over deliver every single time and I'm currently using your advice to build my own empire. Thank you so much. Dennis Obinna

If you are confused about what passion you've got and how to transform it into Naira and Kobo, you need to see Johnson Emmanuel real quick! Tomiwa Ogunremi

I was at Monetize Your Passion Summit early this year, I came all the way from Portharcourt to Lagos to attend the event,it was the best decision  ever made till date. I'm very proud of Johnson Emmanuel. David Okocha

​We have HUNDREDS of comments like this but the BIG QUESTION now is, are you going to be the next?

​MEET Our Amazing Speakers...

Bertha IkedumFounder, Boxed Expression

  Bertha Ikedum is the founder & CEO of Boxed Expression,one of the leading gift packaging outfits In Nigeria. 

She's a trained lawyer but she abandoned law for her passion,which is  gift wrapping & packaging but today she's built a highly successful business with her passion.

She'll be sharing how she did it, how she took her business from zero to multi-millionaire in few years.

 Tomiwa Ogunremi Founder, Giant Bull Consulting

Tomiwa Ogunremi is the founder of Giant Bull Consulting.  He is a trained Real Estate Manager but he abandoned that for his passion, which productivity and writing.

Today, he has built a highly successful business with his passion and skill.

He's an accomplished author and someone who helps people accomplish their goals in life and business.

​Come and learn how to MONETIZE your gifts, passion, talent, skill and knowledge. The world needs that thing inside of you, the world wants to hear from you. People want to pay you for transforming their lives.


​VENUE: IKEJA, LAGOS. (Full Address to be sent to ONLY registered attendees to avoid gate crashing)


​The Good News...

​This event is going to be the best event you ever attended. If you have ever attended our event, you already know that Johnson always over-delivers and he is going to be setting a new record this time, He is going to be dancing naked in public. There's not going to be any 'holdback' whatsoever.

​This event is ALMOST free to attend, infact it is actually free and I'll show you how. 

The last time we had this event, almost all the participants agreed that it was worth more than N100,000. We're not going to ask you to any any such thing.

To attend this event, all you have to invest  is N10,000 but if you make payment between now and this Tuesday, 31/10/17,  I'll knock off N6,500 for you, so YOU PAY ONLY N3,500 (save N6,500)

If you pay right now, you'll also get a special bonus from Johnson, 7Figures Business Blueprint', it's a powerful tool that all our clients have used to take their business from Zero to 7figures in few short months, we'll be giving you the tool for free, valued at N50,000.

So, If you register right now, you will pay 'action takers' price N3,500 instead of the full price of N10,000, you'll also get my '7figures business blueprint' tool for free instead of paying N50,000. PAY ONLY N3,500 TODAY

​When you leave Monetized Your Passion Summit, you'll be equiped with all the strategies, processes and tools you need to launch a 7figure per month business within the next few months.

​The BAD NEWS...

​I hate to talk about BAD NEWS but there are a few bad news to note...

 ONLY 50 SEATS: Last June when we held this event, it was SOLD OUT, infact, we had to shut out some people out because the facility we were using was filled almost beyond capacity. ​

​We have ONLY 50 seats and they're filling up very fast. You shouldn't procrastinate about this, it's best you grab your spot right now.

​Once the seats are filled up, that's all. The facility we're using have capacity for ONLY 50 PERSONS.

Price Increase Alert: It's best you secure your ticket now because after this Tuesday,31/10/17, the price will go to N10,000 and the 7figure blueprint will also disappear. You still have until this Sunday to pay N3,500 today and save N6,500

It doesn't matter where you live in Nigeria, you should come to this event because it's going to be the best decision you ever made. The last time we held Monetize Your Passion Summit,people came from Portharcourt, Abuja, Calaber, Enugu, Akwa Ibom and different other places, you must be there!

​Meet Your Host

Johnson Emmanuel is the host of Monetize Your Passion Summit. 

He's referred to as Africa's #1 Business Growth & Marketing Strategist.​

Johnson helps businesses RAPIDLY GROW THEIR REVENUE using online marketing.

His clients have been featured on CNN,Forbes,Fox,ABC,INC, etc.

He helps businesses both in Nigeria & in the US, Canada, Australia, Europe and some parts of the Middle East to attract clients so they can rapidly & massively grow their revenue.

He has been featured on top-ranked US podcasts like the Conscious Millionaire Podcast, which INC magazine describes as the ‘Top Business Podcast amongst others.

Over 80,000 (still counting) entrepreneurs & business owners count on our sales & marketing advice to help them do one thing: GROW THEIR PROFIT