PETER, Could This Be The Most-Guaranteed System Responsible For Generating Millions of Ready-To-Buy Leads While Boosting Revenue and Profit, All At Once?

Dear Peter,

A few hours ago, you had a meeting with us, and it is about growing your company, Landwey.

Do you know the reason why clients queue up, and prefer to stay on our wait-list (for months) just to have the chance to work with us?

Because they know we'd grow their result.

They know we can give them result.

I have one main commitment to you – And that is results.

But not results at any cost.

Results in a way that provides goodwill and value to your market place, and is congruent to your core values and ways of doing business.

We tell our clients to judge us by the amount of money we make for them, period.

For us, that is what marketing budget should be all about.

Unfortunately, we're not currently taking clients to work with us, in our agency until Nov., but no worries, we can still work together.

Through our consulting & advisory program, LEADFLOW.

It is strictly for companies who seek high-valued clients at premium fees.

I mean, consistent, reliable, ready-to-buy-now, and predictable leads.

It’s actually one of our proprietary systems, it is responsible for generating millions of dream-clients (aka leads), sales and profit for our clients.

Actually, we don’t just want you to get leads, we want you to get “dream clients”.

Here's how it works;

It's a 2-3days program.

Our growth team led by our founder will have a 2days growth sessions in your office, call it workshop, if you like.

This is not like training or something, this is real practical sessions, this is US working together.

Imagine us as your external, firing and extended "special marketing hit squad".

You know, all of the world, "special squads" only come when there's a major problem to be fixed, they come in to clean the "mess".

We're that your "special marketing hit squad".

Anyway, after the 2-3days full day session, It'll be immediately followed by a 3months coaching session, with zoom meeting once per month.

We're looking at your lead magnet (we prefer to call it dream clients magnet, we have a reason for that), your messaging, landing pages, inspection booking process, behaviour-based marketing system, your offers, your filtration system, everything else.

This is always highly intense sessions but at the end of the day, you'll come up smoking, ready to take on your competitors, and give them a hot run for their money.

Look, this is us working with you to enhance every single thing so that you'll be able to generate more qualified, ready-to-buy clients, predictably.

And that's N15,000,000 (ofcourse, it is worth way more if i breakdown what we'd be doing)

OR, you can go with the N8,000,000 package but that doesn't come with the 3months post-session support, just the 3days meeting.

Lastly, you may want us to test the waters (since we just met) for one day, and that's just for N4,000,000.

How Am I Sure You'll Get Value For Money?

Great question!

My name is Johnson Emmanuel.

Our clients call me the "marketing magician" for a reason.

I do not do things for the money, if I can't help you, I'd happy turn your down, i take on clients only when I'm absolutely sure i can help.

Our focus is your top-line, that is what matters to me.

I love to provide result.

I know that if we give you great result, you'll keep coming to us, so we have the long-term goal.

To cut it short, I know we can get you result, the question is, how hungry are you guys?

Unfortunately, since our program is highly customized, we have select dates that for this program.

So, tell us the package you'd want to have, we'd tell you the likely available dates.

Want to email us?  SUPPORT@HAVANZER.COM  and lets get the ball rolling.

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