5 Top Entrepreneurs & Marketing Experts In Nigeria Share 5 Strategies To Grow Your Business


If you want to take your business to the next level this year, you’ll need to listen to these top 5 entrepreneur and marketing experts in Nigeria.

The truth is that starting and growing a successful business is very, very tough in Nigeria and if you don’t have good strategies in place, it becomes even tougher.

 Just recently the United Nations Industrial Development Organisation’s Investment and Technology Promotion Office in Nigeria said 80% of Nigeria businesses fail and only 20% survive. 

They even went further to say that even out of the 20% that survive, about 10% are struggling.

2017 wasn’t a very easy year for most marketing experts in Nigeria as a result, many businesses where shut down and even some BIG brand like Etisalat was affected.

While many businesses were suffering, some were making a lot of money. 

So, i decided to reach out to some of my friends who are top entrepreneurs and marketing experts in Nigeria to share some of their best tip.

These guys are doing very well for themselves, for example, one of them runs a multi-billion naira business.

Let me say this first.

There are three ways I look at every business. As a highly sought after Business growth and marketing strategist, when people come to me to help them grow their business.

I look at the business this way…

1: How do I generate more customers for this business?

2: How do I make existing customers buy more from this business?

3: How do I discover untapped revenue sources hidden within this business?

Once you’re able to answer these three question, your business will never suffer any ‘down time’, no matter what you sell, no matter your price point, no matter your market.

These are the basic fundamental I look when I tackle my clients’ project.

 Although there are about six strategies under each one of them but I just mentioned these ones to give you an idea of the things you should be looking at as you try to grow your business.

Nothing makes me happy like helping businesses generate more revenue because I believe that that is what any business needs to remain afloat.

Now, lets dive into what these guys have to say and the very first person I’ll let you meet today is a guy called Mark Essien.

Well, incase you don’t know him, he’s the guy behind Hotels, I call them the BIGGEST hotel directory portal in Africa.

Let’s say you want to stay in a hotel but not sure what hotel  you should stay and not even sure what their rate are, Hotels will help you fix all those.

Mark Essien

It’s actually a multi-billion dollar business and it’s doing amazingly well.

I asked Mark Essien is the founder/CEO of the company, I asked him to share one of his best business success tip for 2018 and he’s what he said.

Mark Essien

Mark Essien

Founder, Hotels Africa

It is important to get good people so that they can develop good processes. But then those processes should be codified and written down, so that the company can function like a machine, and not be overly dependent on single individuals

What he is simply saying is that, you should have a system in 2018. Try to systemize every process in your business, from HR to Marketing and everything in between.

Once you have a system in place, your business begins to run by itself.

Does that make sense to you?

Ok, lets get to the next guy.

 He’s name is Dotun Olowoporoku.

 He runs the starter.

 I asked him to share one of his best business growth tip for 2018 and he told said…

Dotun Olowoporoku

Dotun Olowoporoku

‘’ Relentlessly focus on your key strengths. Learn what you can. Outsource tasks you are not good at’

This is simply straight forward.

 Let me say this…

When you hire people, one thing you must always hire your weakness, never hire your strength.

The best company in the world like Google and Facebook are great because they know how to hire the best people in the world.

So, focus on what you’re good out and leave those that you’re not good at. It’s the secret of growing any business.

 Now, the third tip…

It’s from a guy called Adewale Yusuf.

He’s the brain behind Techpoint, an amazing technology company. My number 1 business tip for 2018 is

Adewale Yusuf

Adewale Yusuf

Founder, TechPoint

"Do it scared" Whenever you are trying to do something new and big, there'll be a lot of discouraging voices. Reality is scary but one thing I have learned is to just do it. And I believe that by taking that step, it sets things in motion and everything will work together to make it happen. Be fearless.

 Amazing tip to grow your business in 2018 by Adewale Yusuf.

Ogbo Awoke Ogbo is a lecturer at the Lagos Business school and he shared one tip to help people grow their business.

He said…

Ogbo Awoke Ogbo

Ogbo Awoke Ogbo

‘My top tip is for African business leaders to gain more self awareness about themselves.

The reason is that in my work with many CEOs and the executives I meet in the international business schools I teach, I have discovered that in many cases, the trouble is not with the business idea itself. (Sometimes it is).

The trouble is often with the leader herself/himself.

Many CEOs are the bottlenecks of their organizations!

 A leader who is not self aware stands in the way of success for the company.

 Why do they need to gain more self awareness?

Because a business cannot scale beyond the unconscious incompetence of the founder and his management team.

 Just knowing and honoring one’s zone of genius can triple one’s productivity in one year!

How can they gain more self awareness?

Here’s the cheat sheet that would save them ten years of swatting in the dark:

Get a an executive coach!

I like how Ogbo said it, no business grow beyond the CEO and founder, no matter how hard they try.

So, you should always learn how to hire consultant and experts to help you grow your business.

 Luckily, there are many top marketing experts in Nigeria that you can get to help you take you business to the next level.

While your competitors' business is on the downward trend, yours can be on the upward trend.

Trust me, if you implement all these strategies into your business, you'd be shocked at the difference that it will make to your bottomline this year.

I'm curious, which of these strategies resonates more with you and how do you intend to use them to grow your business this year.

About the author 

Johnson Emmanuel

Johnson Emmanuel is one of Africa’s most sought-after Business growth & Marketing strategist. He has consulted and advised businesses in 69 countries and in over 100 different industries, teaching over 650,000 people through his seminars, content, and training. He’s an expert at helping companies make more sales, higher profits, and more money.

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