FREE BONUS MASTERCLASS... How To Consistently Get Clients Who Will Happily Pay You Between N100,000 & N1,000,000 For Your Passion, Expertise & Knowledge.

Hosted by:

Johnson Emmanuel

Exclusive FREE Master Class For Book Owners ONLY.

This advanced training is yours, FREE, as my way of saying thank you for requesting my book.

We'll spend about 60 minutes together where you'll look over my shoulder and see the exact strategies to get clients who will happily pay you  between N100,000 and N1,000,000 on a consistent and predictable fashion.

Tiny Fraction Of What You'll Discover During This FREE Master Class:

  1. Why You Should NEVER charge any clients less than N100,000 for your skill, knowledge, passion or expertise
  2. How To Charge Your Clients High Fees and still have them thank you for charging high fees
  3. The Exact Blueprint That Generated $15,000 within 6days  for one of our clients and how you can implement It Into Your Business Immediately
  4. The 4 SHIFTS you need to make today to boost your business, #1 will surprise you.
  5. How To Turn Total Stranger Into A Client Who Will Pay You  High Fees In Less Than 24hours
  6. The 'OLD SYSTEM' that has frustrated many people online ( and what you should do instead)
  7. Plus, free bonus: How You Can Create A System That Brings Clients To You Every Single Day Instead, so you don't have to chase clients anymore.

*Important Note: available spots for the masterclass are strictly limited! Register now to secure yours!*

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