Install Johnson's Legendary MDE Method in Your Business To...

Start Getting New Customers, Buyers & Clients Who Pay In Foreign Currencies (Dollars, Euros, Pounds) 24hours In A Day, Every Single Day...100% FREE!


You’ll Start Getting New Customers, Buyers & Clients Who Pay In Foreign Currencies, every single day like clockwork.

  • Generate "wallet ready" customers and clients who pay in dollars in countries like USA, Canada, Europe, etc, no what matter you sell, physical products, services, consulting or coaching, no matter the price you chose to sell for...24/7!
  • Grow 26X bigger and faster while your competitor is struggling to grow 2x.
  • Effortlessly penetrate "tier one" markets without leaving your home or country.
  • Position your business to experience hyper growth & scale WITHIN weeks.
  • Never deal with broke, excusing-making customers again and completely STOP ups-and-downs of fluctuating sales.
  • Never run out of sales again, a repeatable, reliable system to generate new sales from "tier one" nations.
  • Grow from "one sale" to repeat customers and DRAMATIC boost your revenue, while cutting down customer of customer acquisition.
  •  Grow a hyperactive database of wallet ready buyers, who'll buy anything you sell, again and again.

Getting started is as simple as "ABC" BUT...

We WONT work with everyone or "anyone". Working with Johnson Emmanuel is by application only in order to make sure you have what it takes and are willing to do what's necessary to achieve results similar to our students/client. Johnson absolutely will not take YOU just because you can pay. He's not doing this for the money. He's here to change lives!

Step 1: Pick A Time

Select a date and time that works to meet with our experts, via zoom.

Step 2: Get The Plan

Our team will develop a customize foreign clients getting blueprint.

Step 3: Deployment

IF we accept you as a client, we start helping you rake in the dollars.

WAIT...One LAST BIG Info...

 For you to be able to speak with one of our inhouse experts, you'll need to make a compulsory but REFUNDABLE deposit of N35,000. We are using it as a filter to keep away freebie seekers and time wasters, you'll get it back immediately after our meeting together.

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