Get The Proven, Step by Step System To Turn Your Passion, Skills or Knowledge Into  6 or 7-Figures Per Month Online Business In 60days or less Without  Getting Frustrated or Making Stupid Mistakes Even If
you are a newbie.

If you can only do one thing, you will be able to turn your passion, skills or expertise into a 6 or 7-figures  online business in 60days or less without getting frustrated or making some stupid mistakes that most people make.

The Most important part is that, you will also be able to touch the lives of people positively and I know that is very important to you too.


Like Purna Chando who turned his skills of Microsoft excel into a 1 Million dollars business despite unpredictable electricity and bad internet networks like you and i.


Like Sarah Jones who turned her knowledge of dating into a $120,000 per year online business where she helps guys who are shy get attractive ladies who will date them.

    Like John Lee Dumas who turned his passion for listening to online radio broadcast (podcasting) into a $10 million online business.


Like Opeyemi, Ayodeji and Olelakan who turned their passion into an online business valued at 15 million dollars, what you now called Jobberman.

 or like me and many other Nigerians who turned our passion,skills or expertise into a global business that brings clients from all over to the world.

Anyway, I’ll tell you more about these people in a moment.

First, let me share a personal story with you.

It’s about how I overcame the BIGGEST challenge of my entire life.

It’s one we all face.

I firmly believe that, if you can overcome it like I did, you will be able to have anything you want in business and life.

It happened in 2006 when I wanted to turn my passion and expertise into an online business. I knew a lot of Nigerians who were making a lot of money doing that.

I knew alof of other people who were making more than a million dollar per year and impacting the lives of people around the world simply because they turned their passion, skills or expertise into a highly profitable business.

There I was, the day before I would make a major decision that will help me turn my passion into an online business so that i could be as successful as these guys but something terrible happened.

You might be thinking may be someone in the family got sick.

Or may be I was jailed for an offence I didn’t commit.

Or maybe I even attempted suicide.

Those would have been easier problem to overcome.

I was in a worse problem.

It wasn’t a problem I could ‘think’ my way out.

It’s shameful to even talk about it now but it’s the truth.

The feeling of self doubt and unwarranted fear completed griped me.

All I could think was…

‘I’m I even good enough?’

‘Why should people even buy anything from me?’

‘isn’t this another ‘shinning object’ that will just waste my time and money?’

‘Would anyone trust me at all?’

“Why would people even pay me for my passion, expertise or knowledge?’

‘’What if I fail?’

I kept giving myself excuses why I shouldn’t do it.

I took a look at myself, I have a typical Nigeria accent. I’m not a tech person. I don’t know how to write very well. I didn’t even have enough money. All my friends and loved ones were against me doing it because they were afraid I will fail.

At this point I told myself that I will definitely fail at turning my passion and knowledge into a highly profitable online business.

I concluded that I was not going to ‘waste’ my time and money.

Because that was the smartest thing to do,right?


Worry about failing?

No wahala, just don’t take action and you will ‘pity’ yourself later.

So, I sat back on my chair looking totally confused and not knowing if I should start or not.

As I was thinking about it, I made what you will call a ‘bold’ decision.

It was a decision that changed everything for me.

But then, I had a huge realization, I will tell you about the realization in a moment but first, let me tell you what happened as a result of that realization.

It was that realization that gave me the ‘liver’ to take a decision that has now become the best decision in the history of my life.

It has enabled me to have financial freedom, time and location freedom and the opportunity to impact the lives of people around the world.


Just like you, I knew I had something inside me that will set me free financially but I just didn’t realize the extent to which my life was going to change.

Fast forward today: I run one of the leading international online marketing companies in the world where we work with businesses from America, Canada, Australia, Europe and some parts of the middle east.

Hello, I’m Johnson Emmanuel, you may have seen me because I was featured in top ranked America podcasts including Conscious Millionaire podcast which INC magazine describe as the best ‘business podcast’ or may be you stumbled on my Nigeria brand, which is the fastest growing internet marketing blog in Africa.

And business is doing great, I must admit.

I’m not here to tell you how I made $1 Billion dollars over night like must ‘gurus do. Instead, I’m here showing you consistent growth, month in, month out and year in, year out.

Growth in my businesses and life, and how you too can also have the same result or if you are like some of my students and clients, you will get better result than me...

...Because over the years we have been working with some of the best and most amazing entrepreneurs from US, Australia, Canada, Europe and parts of the middle east, turning their passion,skills, knowledge and expertise into a highly profitable business.

We have a proven formula for doing this.

Unlike most other ‘gurus’ who will only tell you that you can make money from your passion and God given gift without telling you how to discover it, how to package it and how to have a marketing system that will bring clients to you, we do the exact opposite of what they tell you.

That is why we get the kind of result we get because I believe that passion, skills or knowledge is completely useless without ‘profit’.

I believe that if you have any passion, skills or knowledge, it should be able to not only put food on your table, it should give you the 'rich good life', anything else is not acceptable.

And that is what we help you do.

Anyway, I’m excited to share our proven system with you.

…Do you know that best part of turning your passion, skills or expertise into a highly profitable online business?

I broke Away From ‘Inconsistent Money Inflow’

The worst thing that can happen to anybody is not knowing when the next meal will come from.

I’m not Bill Gate or Aliko Dangote, I’m not even close to them yet.

However, I can buy whatever I want today without worrying about price.

I do things these days without considering the price because I’m very confident that no matter the amount, I can COMFORTABLY afford it  because I have turned my passion and knowledge into an online business that pays the bills.

I have time and location Freedom

One thing I value so very much is my freedom.

Just few days ago, I shut down my PC because I didn’t want to work.

I wasn’t just in the mode, so I didn’t work, yet revenue flowed in because I have an automated system on.

Let’s face it…

Most people these days work with some 'bad belle' bosses they don’t like but they don’t just know what to do.

They cant control their time and lives, all those are in the hands of someone else.

They also commute long distances to work but as someone who has turned my passion and knowledge into an online business, I work from anywhere.

Anywhere I like so long I have an internet connection and a PC.

I also impact the lives of others…

This is more than money to me.

The joy I put on the faces of people even makes me more satisfied as a person.

My clients come to me totally clueless about how to turn their passion,skills or expertise into a profitable business, most of them come totally broke.

When we get working, sometimes within weeks, people start paying them for their passion, skills and knowledge.

The joy. The prayers and the smile I put on their faces is just priceless.

After doing this sort of thing for many years, I eagerly documented all my process.

And now, I have a proven, repeatable, step by step process for turning your passion, skills or knowledge into a profitable online business.

I’m eager to share this process with you but first…

I want you to know that regular people have also turned their passion, skills and knowledge into profitable online business.

These 3 People turned their Passion, Skills and Knowledge into a lucrative, profitable online business.

I’m not the only one who has done it.

Regular people are starting and growing their own online business using only their skills, passion or knowledge.

…and they are doing EXTREMELY well too.

What I find most fascinating is that;

These people are regular (ordinary) people like you and i

These people are not tech wizard, so they not technical people. For example, for me, I'm not a technical person at all. So, no need to be worried about technicality.

These people didn’t even know how to start in the first place.

These people were not even sure what their passion, skills or knowledge was at the initial stage.

These people never dreamed of turning their passion or skills into an online business.

And yet…

…They did it.

In some cases it was their first attempt, and yet, they did it.

Meet Purna. he noticed he has skills with Microsoft excel, he has turned it into a 1 MILLION dollars online business.

Meet Sarah Jones, she noticed she has knowledge about dating for men, she has turned it into $120,000 per year online business

Meet John Lee Dumas, he noticed he has passion for online radio braocasting, popularly called podcasting, he has turned it into a 10 Million dollars online business

The most interesting thing is that countless Nigerians including myself have done it.

Infact, i have not only done it myself, I help  Americans, Canadians and Europeans do it, that is why our international brand is so so popular.

I want you to look closely...

#1: In Purna's case, he has a skill and he quickly turned it into a $1 Million dollar online business despite bad electricity in his country and unstable internet network. 

(Do you have any skill you would love to turn into a profitable online business?)

#2: In Sarah's case, she's knowledge about something and she quickly turned it into $120,000 per year business, and then quit her day job.

(Are you knowledgeable about anything that you would like to turn into a business?)

It could be that you were fat before, and now you are not fit, people would like to know how you did it.

​Infact, you could even be like one of my amazing students...


Tomiwa  Ogunremi who was very shy talk​ing to ladies. he was so shy that before he could approach any woman, he would need like 4 of his friends to go with him. Immediately he came out of the 'mess', he knew he had to build a business around that so he can help other guys.

Yours could be that you have a successful marriage, you could start helping others do the same.

Infact, so long you have accomplish anything, no matter how small or big, then you are knowledgeable and you have what it takes to build a 6 or 7 figures per month business.​

#3: In the case of John lee Dumas, who is very passionate about Podcasting and quickly turned it into a 10 Million dollars online business, you too can do the same.

(What are you very passionate about that you would like to turn into a highly profitable online business?)

...and these people i mentioned started and grew a business that allows them to live their dream life style, and also impacting the lives of others.

The most intriguing aspect is that, the trend is even bigger that you can imagine.  

People are turning their passion, skills or knowledge into business everyday in multiple industry like...

Dating. Business.Relationship.Personal finance. Social skills.Software.Social media. Marketing.Cooking.Health.Writing.Reading.Productivity. Human Resources.Web Design. Networking.University Admission. Professional Exams Success. Toturial. Music.Yoga. Fitness.Food,etc.

​I know you are already screaming, 'this is remarkable,Johnson!' and i totally agree with you.

​You already saw the proof. Regular people are turning their passion, skills and knowledge into a profitable online business, and they are doing it in 30+ industries.

They are NOT technical people. They had doubts and fears at the  beginning but they decided to take action because they know that was the right thing to do. In many cases, it was their first attempt and they hit the 'bull's eye'. They are not special persons and there's nothing special about them.They didn't have enough money but they decided to still do it. 

​And these people are doing EXTREMELY well...


If you are like one of those three people, and you want to turn your passion, skills or expertise into a 6 or 7-figures per month business, I've got a great news for you.​

​When you come on the internet, you will see endless ways to earn make money from the internet. Do they all work? 

Honestly, i can't say but what i know works best is what I'm telling you about because it has been proven, over, over and over and over again.​

Would you be the one to go try if the '1 Million things' other 'gurus' are asking you to do works?

I know you are smart, you will rather stick with what has already been proven, over and over, and over again.

Now, if you are just getting started, this is great for you because you will be starting on a right path so you'll not make 'stupid' mistakes that others are making which means, you will start seeing results in few short weeks or months instead of waiting for '10 years'.

​All you need is a passion, skills or knowledge and if you are NOT sure what yours is yet, I'll help you discover it.

...And if you are already doing business online, I have a quick question for you. Are you as successful as you could be? Are you satisfied with your result so far? If NOT, it is time to scale things to the 'next level' and I'm here to help you.​

I know you want to start and grow your own online business using your passion,skills or knowledge, I know that for a fact.

​How do I know that?

I know that because you wouldn't have made it this far. 

The BIG question is, what's holding you back?

After doing years and years of research, I have found out that, there are a few reasons because say 'NO' to something that they would have said 'YES' and because of this singular reason, they remain at the same point in their lives and business, year in, year out.

''I'm Very Busy Right Now, I don't have time for sometime else, how do I handle that?''

​We are all busy.

That is exactly the problem.

Things will NEVER change if you keep doing what you have always done.We'll all be busy until the day we'll be called home.

A friend of mine recently got married and she was asked 'was it the right time?'  She responded 'they say there's never a right time in life'.

​Starting a new thing is exactly the same thing, there's never going to be the right time.

When you make up your mind to start it now, you will immediately figure that it was actually the right time.

​''I Have Never Done It Before''

​Let's say you have decided that you will 'pull the trigger' and that you have the time right now but the next BIG issue now could be 'I have NEVER done it before'.

​I remember the first time I got started, I wasn't sure I will be able to do it but I made up my mind to just do it and see how it goes, and like they say, the 'rest is history'.

The best part for you today is that you'll have a 'mentor' who has done it multiple times, many years in 18+ industries. So you are 'insured'.​

​''I Don't Have Enough Money''


If you do what you are currently doing, you will NEVER have enough money. 

If you want to have enough money, you need to do something different that will guarantee consistent inflow of money even if you are sleeping, and to me and many others, that is what turning our passion,skills and knowledge has allowed us to do.

Look at it from this angle, which is  more expensive, holding to what you currently have or investing it so you can have a better tomorrow.

I had a client who was totally down, she's American.

​When we got working, she had only $3,200 in her credit card and my fee was $3000. 

It wasn't easy for her but she decided to invest the $3000 and we got working together, within 3 weeks, she made $25,000.  Just imagine what could have happened if she decided to hold on to that $3000. 

Today, she's built a $1 Million dollar business in the dating industry.

What you have right now in your hand is the ticket to what you want in life and business,period!


Monetized MasterClass

The Ultimate Step By Step Process To Turn Your Passion, Skills or Knowledge into A 6 or 7-Figures Per Month Online Business In 60Days or less Without Frustration or Making Stupid Mistakes Other Make Even If You Are A Total Newbie
Week 1, Creating Your Plan

In week one, we will be showing you how to plot your income goal, the proven 5 step framework to discover your most profitable passion,skills or knowledge.

Week 3, Clients Attraction

Now, you want to set up all your marketing machine (your landing pages, sales pages, etc) to ensure endless inflow of clients 24/7. You don't want to chase them, they should chase you.

Week 5. 'Sniper' Traffic

In week 5, we show you how to make customers buy before we even ask them to. They'll open their wallet before you even want them to do so.

Week 2, Positioning

We will show you how to package your passion,skills or knowledge so that people will pay you. How to be an expert in your market and positioning. 

Week 4,Attracting Customers

In week 4, we start sending customers to your 'marketing machine' in an automated fashion. We start sending out your messages so people will come to you.

Week 6, Keep Them Happy

We show you how to keep them happy so that they will come to you over and over again. You need to be sure that they are satisfied. We show you how to do it. Repeat business is important.

Once you sign you right now, you'll get Monetized Masterclass, a total Value = N250,000

Once you sign up for MONETIZED MASTERCLASS, you'll also get these powerful BONUSES.

Bonus #1: Access To Thrive  

Thrive is the tool we use to create our marketing machine. It create all the web pages, it create help you communicate a very 'POWERUL' message about what you do so people will begin to 'salivate' and are ready to buy from you.

The best part and that is why i love it, it is extremely easy to use. I'm not a tech person so it works very well for me. Once you get this, no website developer will make 'shakara' for you again because you can set up your store yourself. 

 Value: $588, N229,320

Bonus #2: Facebook Advert Template.

One of the best places to get customers right now is Facebook. Just recently, i spent $72.48 on Facebook and I got back N470,000.  I will send you our exact template so you just 'copy and paste'.

They say success leaves clues. All you have to do is to follow my template and you will get my kind of result or better. Infact, you will never worry about customers anymore.

Value: $97, N37,830)

Bonus #3: Accountability Coach​

If you need one thing very ba​dly, it is someone who will hold you accountable.  You will get a personal project manager who will hold you to be sure you achieve what you want to achieve. 

I have noticed that most people fail not because they are bad but because no one was there to hold them and guild them, and that is why this program is completely different.

You will get access to an accountability partner to hold you all the way.​ 

Value: N300,000

Bonus #4: Exclusive Group

Once you sign up, you will also be able to register in a private group where you will meet and share ideas with other people like you who want to grow.

Like they say, the best deal are struck in the a network meeting. You will be added to this exclusive group of like minded people like you. Like Liverpool say, 'you will never walk alone'. 

We will also be sharing latest trends and strategies to help you quickly launch your own business and grow very fast, no matter what stage you are in.​

Value: $270 (N 102,600)

If you sign up right now, you will get...

Total Value: N1,008,670

I know that amount will not be too much to ask you but I'm not going to ask you to invest that much, I'm NOT going to even ask you to invest N500,000.

I'm going to do something crazy but it's just for this last time ONLY. Once the timer on this page goes off, this whole offer goes off.

All you have to invest right now is just...

One time payment of N65,000 ONLY (save N943,670)

What People are Saying...

Marc Stevens ( Web Design Media )

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T. Ogunremi 
Marc Stevens ( Web Design Media )

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 ''Johnson Emmanuel is what i will call a 'marketing beast'. He grew my business by 306%. Listen to Johnson. Do everything you can to have him work with you. If he agrees to work with you, he can deliver massive result within a short time. Again, Johnson is a marketing beast!

  J. Cerundulo
Marc Stevens ( Web Design Media )

Johnson helped taught me how to make $15,000 with my passion

''Great Job , Johnson! I just closed the third sales in 6days at $5,000 each. Dude, this is Awesome! Your system works like gangbusters. Thanks for your help''

R. Chauchan 

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