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You missed out!

"Could This Be The  Most Effective Way  on  Earth To

 Launch An Online Business That Makes ATLEAST N1,500,000 Every Single Month Starting From May 2021...

Even in Recession and Corona Pandemic?

Dear friend,

You could be next.

If you are really hungry…

And want to FINALLY launch a  business that makes a minimum of N1,500,000 every single month starting from next month WITHOUT

Frustration, costly mistakes or complications even if you have failed before, or even if you're just starting out...

Today is your lucky day!

The goodnews is...starting in just 24hours, with what I'm about to show you, you'll NEVER worry about money again.

If you've struggled to build an online business that makes predictable income without success, If you have done everything the "gurus" told you, If you've bought all the books, programs and attended all the seminars, and yet, you're unable to build an online business that BIG money...

I totally understand your pain.

OR, you're an employee who wants to sack your boss in the next 90days or you're just someone who want to have multiple streams of income, you're about to read the best piece you've been waiting for all your life.

In the next few minutes, I'll NEW blueprint will help you launch a business that will make you a minimum of N1,500,000 every single month, starting from next month,and I'll even guarantee that you'll make atleast N1,500,000 and you'll PAY NOTHING for using the tool, FREE!

When I say a business, I mean "real business" that literarily print money for you.

Infact, if you want clients from around the world, so that you can quickly earn in dollars or pounds (instead of naira), I'll show you exactly how to do it.

And the best part...

Wait for it...

You Pay Nothing out of your pocket

Here’s why:

Yes, you pay nothing, it is FREE!

The first thing I’m going to do for you is to help you create a customized and strategic ‘Multi-million Business Blueprint'  SPECIFICALLY for you.

The  "Multi-Million Business Blueprint" is the tool that  guarantee that you'll make atleast N1,500,000 in your NEW business, and you'll soon see how powerful it is.

You and I will sit down (via zoom or skype), we'd discover your best skillset, hobbies or expertise, and we'll quickly turn that to money so that you'll make atleast N1,500,000 every single month and if you think you've got no skill or expertise, I'll help you uncover them.

It'll take us between 30-45minutes, we'll do it via zoom or skype, and like I said, it is FREE!

This is the fun part!

Listen carefully...

I'll SCIENTICALLY reveal how you're going to make atleast N1,500,000 in your first 30days, starting from next month, I'll also show you how much you'll make in next 60days, 90days and180days, etc.

I'd show you the best price  to charge so that you can quickly hit your income goal with absolute predictability, and if you want clients from abroad, we'd also quickly do that.

And like I said, you'll get it for FREE.

Look, before now, I was charging as much as $1,500 for this, that was four years ago, but I decided to remove the $1,500 fees because I wanted to help more people win this year.

Ofcourse, my accountant isn't happy because he likes to hear the sound of credit alert but he can't do anything about this, I'm his boss.

So, this is me writing off a check of $1,500.

Once we are done, I'll deliver your own customized  ‘Multi-million Business Blueprint'  so that you'll easily launch a business that will make you a minimum of N1,500,00 starting from next Month.

You’ll NOT pay me anything for this, FREE!

Again, I’ll do everything at zero cost.

You think I'm kidding or hyping ‘Multi-million Business Blueprint'?

She Sacked Her Boss, and Built An 8Figures Business in Less Than 18 Months.

Take my client (and now friend) Adeola Ogunyemi for example.

I met her in August of 2017,She’s working in a very reputable company that pays her 6figures per month but due to her monthly family ‘expenses’, the money isn’t enough to meet her needs.

She told me that she goes very broke before the 16th of each month, and... 

The work was stressful, and she had to wakeup very early to beat traffic.

Funny thing is, she had zero experience.

When i say 'zero', i mean ZERO!

She was really hungry, and needed help. She had one thing I always love, hunger.

Look, anybody that has true hunger for success will ALWAYS get it...

People who are hungry for success don't allow money or indeed any excuse hold them back.

Anyway,the first thing I did for her was to design a ‘Multi-million Business Blueprint'  during the process, we discovered that, if she implemented even 50% of what was in the blueprint, she could sack her boss within 90days.

She was stunned and very excited.

Infact, she could earn atleast  3times what she was earning, and that is at 50% implementation.

Imagine if she does 80% or even 100% implementaion.

Look, I like people like her, she knows what she wants, and she was ready to do ANYTHING it takes to get it,
 procrastination, or letting some fear or doubts hold her back.

Anyway, back to her story...

In the first 180days, she implemented the ‘Multi-million Business Blueprint' , she executed it at ONLY 63%.

And it changed her life.

In  May of 2018, she finally sacked her boss.

She told me that she could actually have done it in 90days, but for some personally reasons, she waited longer.

The last time I checked on her in 2020, she told me they were almost at 8figures, and she has even diversified into other businesses.

Why did it work for her?

Two things made it possible...

1: The ‘Multi-million Business Blueprint'  I made for her, it completely gave her clarity, on what to do, and how to do it.

2: Her decision to move fast without allowing fear, doubts or procrastination hold her, or any excuse whatsoever.

In all honesty, I 100% believe that anyone who acts like Adeola will get the same result.

If you think Adeola was lucky, what about thousands of other students around the world.


Another Full Time House Wife Built Almost 8Figures Business in Less Than 2.7 years

Priscilla Obiye Canice-Obi was until recently a  ‘stay-at-home’ mum.

She has an amazing story.

So, she came to me because her family was going through tough time, and as a stay at home mum, she knew that she had to support her husband.

So, it was at that point she reached out.

Again, like I do for all my clients, I designed a ‘Multi-million Business Blueprint'  for her.

First, I showed her what to charge so that she will quickly reach her financial goal, we created her offer (that made it possible for her to sell like crazy), we handpicked the best people to sell to, people who wont argue or debate price.

Infact, the ‘Multi-million Business Blueprint'  completely changed her life.

Let me tell you something interesting about her...

So, she wanted me to work closely with her to implement the blueprint we made together, the only problem is, she didn't have the money.

BUT guess what she did...

She told me there and then that, 'I dont know how it will happen, but I'll get the money'.

Look, people who truly want a thing cant be stopped by money, she's a proof.

Just within 24hours, she showed up with the money.

To be honest, I was stunned to my marrow.

Look, our minds are powerful, if you say 'no money', there will be no money but if you say 'I will get it' and honestly work towards it, the money will show up, miraculously.

Fast forward today, she has built almost 8figure company, and as you read this, she has already used the money she made from this first business to start another company that is growing like crazy.

Poverty has been destroyed for ever.

What if she didn't get the ‘Multi-million Business Blueprint' or what if she allowed "no money" syndrome, excuses or self doubts  hold her back?

People who always say "no money" never get money.

Come back to them in 5years, they'll still be at the exact same spot you left them earlier.

She is so successful that she's not only invited to speak at conferences, even  top Radio stations like Voice of Nigeria (VON), Radio Nigeria and many others invite her to grant them interviews.

Recently, I was to go to Enugu for something very important, she decided to ‘ambush’ me at the  airpot and took me straight to a superb ‘top-class’ restaurant as a way of saying ‘thank you’ to me.

The first step you need to take today is to request for your own customized ‘Multi-million Business Blueprint' because as you can see, it is the first step.

But I know what's on your mind, you are wondering "why I'm doing it for free" since it is so powerful like you've seen.

EXACTLY WHY I’m I doing this for FREE?

Three reasons:

First and foremost, I'm on a mission to empower 9 people build a business that will make them atleast N18,000,000 (if based in Nigeria ) or $80,000 (if based outside Nigeria) in December 2021,and I guarantee that they'll make it.

I get alot of message from people who have been frustrated, hurt, cheated and lied to, while trying to build their business.

So, this year, I decided to help ONLY 9 people, and sadly, I can't take more than 9.

Secondly, I'm doing this for FREE because I love doing this.

Nothing makes me happy like helping people build hyper successful businesses.

It gives me 'unquantifiable satisfaction'.

Thirdly, this is how I attract top-level-clients to my business.

So, Just like the other people I showed you, after I design the ‘Multi-million Business Blueprint' you'd see the power in it, and how it can transform your life, and you'd want me to PERSONALLY coach you so that you can quickly launch your business, and hit your income goals.

So, you'd have the opportunity of working, one on one, for 6weeks, directly with me.

But, listen carefully...

I wont pick everyone, I'm very, very picky.

The question is...

 NOT if I can help you, the question is, will I like you enough to want to work with you?

If I like you, after we have developed the ‘Multi-million Business Blueprint',  I might invite you to become a client.

If I agree to work with you, first, I'll GUARANTEE that you hit your first 7figures (or 6 figures in USD) in the quickest time possible (possibly in 90days or so).

You'll get exclusive direct access to me, and i will help you knock it out of the park, almost immediately.

I'll hand you access to some of our best tools, templates, scripts, ads systems, proprietary systems, and many more stuff to help you hit your first N18Million (or $80,000) very fast, without errors, frustration, expensive mistakes, etc.

And yes, you'll also get a direct frontline access to me, this is just a tip but...

Let me add this...

My clients come to me because of the VALUE & EXPERIENCE they can get. 

They know I'm NOT cheap, if you're looking for some cheap coach or mentor, I'm NOT that person. 

My client dont allow money hold them back, because they place value over money.

I ONLY want to work with people who place value over money. The people that get the best result from me are those who dont make excuses about money, they see opportunity, and quickly take it without any excuse. 

My clients know that paying for my program is an investment because most times, they get back a hundred fold of what they invested within days, some within weeks.

Oh, before I forget...

Let me this, you'll NOT be pressurized ,cajoled or manipulated to become a client. NEVER!

No body from my office is going to pressurize or 'sweet talk'  you to become a client.

Infact, I believe the exact opposite will happen, you'll be the one chasing us to become a client.


You’ll find The ‘Multi-million Business Blueprint' incredibly Powerful or I’ll compensate you with $100 

Your time is the most important thing you have and I respect that.

I’m so certain that you’ll  extremely love the ‘Multi-million  Business Blueprint'  that I will create for you BUT if for any (strange) reason you don’t, I’ll compensate you with $100.

I’m personally guaranteeing you a ‘Multi-million  Business Blueprint' upfront-for FREE.

I’m also guaranteeing that you’ll find this ‘Multi-million Business Blueprint' extremely valuable or I’ll immediately compensate you with $100 for your time.

Just tell me and it’s yours, no question asked.

What You Get EXACTLY...

  • You'll get a customized ‘Multi-million Dollar Business Blueprint'  so that you'll be able to launch a business that is guaranteed to make you atleast N1,500,000 every single month, no matter how bad the economy is. VALUE: $1,500
  • The recording; You'll get the complete recording of our meeting so that you can rewatch it anytime you want, and still get all the fresh tips I shared with you. Value: $197 
  • You'll get a PDF (or even print) of the entire framework & layout that will build and power your business to ensure that you hit atleast N18,000,000 in the next 12months. Value: $497

That's a TOTAL VALUE OF   $2,194 BUT...

All for 100% FREE!

Like I said, you PAY NOTHING.

Who else is doing this?

Nobody (because I checked).

Talk is cheap. 

Everyone can make a promise but how many can put their money where their mouth is?

The last time I checked, nobody is (or can) do this type of thing but I can do it because...

My name is Johnson Emmanuel.

Africa.com refers to me as the #1 marketing magician.

Top marketing experts and celebrity entrepreneurs come to me when they need help with their own businesses.

Top US-based business shows come to me when they need guest for their premium shows.

Look, If i say I can help you, I can.

Just recently, over 40,000 people bought my  book to learn how to start a money-spinning multi-million business.

I have shared the stage with billion entrepreneurs Richard Nyong (Lekki Garden CEO), Akinwande Ademosun, Femi Osibona amongst others.

I run a 50-man marketing agency & consulting company, some of my employees are Americans, my stuff work.

Listen, my stuff work, and if we work together, I can guarantee that you'll make a minimum of N1,500,000 starting from next month.

Why I'm I so confident i can help you?

I have helped people in far worse situation than you...

From ‘No where’ to 7figures Business Owner

My client (and now friend) Tomiwa Ogunremi is one amazing guy. He had a 'small' business already but wanted ‘more’.

He knew that he could  launch a better and bigger business. He was hungry for success.

It was at this point that he came to me for help.

Fast forward today, Tomiwa has not only built a 7figures business, he is also a brand Ambassador, and a highly sought-after speaker.

Again, I know that if we work together, I’m certain that I’ll be able to transform your life.

As you can imagine, a lot of people will be reading this but this is NOT for everyone.

This is NOT for everybody. Here’s who I can help.

I’m very picky about who will get the customized ‘Multi-million Business Blueprint' and I’ve got a strict (but reasonable) criteria that needs to be met in order for us to proceed.

Here it is:

  • You'll either be someone who is ALREADY in a decent paid employment or already have a good business but want multiple streams of income.
  • You must have the financial resources to move forward. You must either have it already or be able to raise it within days. This is for serious people, ready to move forward fast. If you like to argue or complain or make excuses about money, this is NOT for you.
  • You must be able to take direction and follow simple instructions. I mean, you must be coach-able, and you must have the right mindset.

So, that is it.

Here’s What To Do Next

If you meet the above requirement and want me to personally help you, I’m very excited to help you create a FREE ‘Multi-million Business Blueprint'', I’ve set out some time to help you, one-on-one.

Here’s how the process works:

1: You need to fill in a simple application. Don’t worry, it’s very simple and unobtrusive.

It’s a form that asks for your name, what kind of business you want to start, where you are now and where you want to be.

Immediately you fill the form and submit...

2: I’m also going to ask you for a ‘real person’ refundable deposit of N10,000 (or $47) See, I don’t care about the N10,000 (or $47) I’ll send it back to you immediately AFTER I create the FREE ‘Multi-million Business Blueprint'

I’m only using it as a ‘filter’ to keep away unserious people, 'time wasters' and freebie seekers.

I need to be sure that you’re really hungry for growth and also keep the ‘time vampires’ at bay.

I’ll send back the N10,000 ($47) to you immediately after our meeting (unless I take you as a client, and in that case, I’ll apply it to your balance).

Eitherway, you’ll get back the N10,000 ($47) refundable deposit.

I’m just using it to keep unserious people, freebie seekers and time wasters at bay, because my time is precious.

Here’s what will happen after that.

Once I have your ‘real person’ deposit and your application, Nancy Igwe, one of my amazing staff will immediately schedule our meeting.

So, she will schedule our meeting via zoom or skype.

It'll take us between 30-45minutes to develop your customized "Multi-Million Business Blueprint".

I will show you exactly what to sell, how much to sell it, and I will even scientifically show you how much you'd make in the next 30days, 60days, and even the next 12months.

That's just a clue to what I'll be doing.

Warning: Time is A Major Factor

First, you have a choice, a choice to just read this and do nothing, but i want you to know that, you'll be losing N18,000,000 by NOT taking action.

Imagine what that will do for you, and your family.

If you take action now, you'll be sure that in the next 12months, atleast, 18,000,000 business is born.

Secondly, due to my schedules, I want ONLY 9 people.  Now, when I say 9 people, I mean every single world, this is not like some stupid marketing gimmick to make you do it, it is for real.

Lastly, I'm only able  two "Multi-Million Business Blueprint" this month of May2022 because of my schedules.

And like you already know, today is Sunday,15 May 2022.

Chances are, the slots may will go away before you know it, once you miss this, you may never get it again.

So with that said, it's now up to you, the best thing to do now is  Click below now.

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