Would You like Me to Personally Help You Launch A Highly Profitable 'Money-Spinning'Multi-Million Naira  Business In 2020,for FREE?

If you want to be a ‘REAL’ business owner…

I mean, someone  ​owns a highly profitable multi-million naira business, make a BIG difference in the world and work from anywhere

Then, this may be the most important letter you’ll ever read.

The reason is because I'm looking for a 'dream' client who I'll to help  launch a highly profitable multi-million naira online business and I want to do it very fast,and most importantly FREE.

 If you're that person, I’m personally going to coach you and  work with you, one-on-one to help you design,launch and grow your own money-spinining multi-million naira business and I’ll do it for FREE.

You Pay Nothing out of your pocket

Here’s why:

The first thing I’m going to do for you is to help you create a customized and strategic ‘Multi-Million Naira Business Blueprint' for you.

You’ll NOT pay me anything for this, and it’ll take me between 45 to 90 minutes.

Again, I’ll do everything at zero cost.

From Paid Employee To 8 Figures Per Year Company

Take my client (and now friend) Adeola Ogunyemi for example.

I met her in August of 2017.She’s working in a very reputable company that pays her 6figures per month but due to her monthly family ‘expenses’, the money isn’t enough to meet her needs.

She told me that she goes very broke before the 16th of each month. 

Can you imagine working and getting broke  around ​16th of each month?

The work was stressful, and she had to wakeup very early to beat traffic.

Funny thing is, she had zero experience.

When i say 'zero', i mean ZERO!

She was really hungry, and need help. She had one thing I always love, hunger.

 After successfully going through our screening process, we invited her to work with us.

I still remember how she screamed that day...

Working together, I helped her uncover a unique business idea that she has within her for many year but she never knew she could make alot of money from it.

I didn't want her to make mistakes, so I helped her with the marketing strategies, pricing, and everything else...

What happened within the fast few weeks of our working together completely blew her mind.

She got 3 clients who paid her N300,000 each, that's N900K.

Solid 6figures business within few weeks of launching.

That's not all...

She ended 2017 as a 7figures business owner.

The last time I checked on her in 2019, she told me she has employed 4 staff because they are just a few thousands away from 8figures as a company.

ofcourse, she has left the job she hated.

A business that was supposed to be a side hustle has helped her to quit her job.

Listen, if you're an employee seeking to break the shackles of your paid job, your calendar, and your 9-to-5 income and build an online business that PAYS YOU to live the life you've always wanted so you can have...

The flexibility to control your own hours. The confidence to share your passion with the world. And the freedom to choose how you want to live your life — now and tomorrow.

I can help you make that happen but more on that later.

Let's me share another inspiring story with you but first, I need you to kown that..,

It would not have been possible if Adeola had not taken the BOLD step to make more money to support her family.

The first step is the decision!

From House Wife to a Thriving, Profitable Multi-Million Naira Business Owner.

Truth is,the life you want, the family you want, the relationship  you want is going to be fueled by the business you build.

That is the exact story of  my friend and client, Priscilla Obiye Canice-Obi, who was until recently a  ‘stay-at-home’ mum.

She wanted to start a business that will be highly profitable but also give her the time to take care of her family, and most importantly, impact lives.

She didn’t know what business to start. She had no idea.She was in a state of ‘confusion’ and ofcourse, she was broke.

Have you ever been in a 'ground zero' before?

The point where you need money badly to fix somethings and also support your family and people around you?

That was the exact position she was when we met.

Anyway, she reached out to me for her.

I helped her uncover a multi-million naira business idea that she didn’t know was inside her.


We created the marketing strategies, the premium pricing and everything else and today. Today she is a successful business owner.

You see, most times,  people are broke, NOT because  their business idea is bad BUT because they don't have good marketing strategies but Priscilla was lucky to have me and she always say  that working with me was the greatest thing that happened to her life.

Fast forward to today, she has a very profitable and ‘hyper successful’ business.

Infact, she is so busy right now that the last time I gave her my personal project, she couldn’t cope because of  the consistent inflow of customers.

She is so successful that she's not only invited to speak at conferences, even  top Radio stations like Voice of Nigeria (VON), Radio Nigeria and many others invite her to grant them interviews.

In march of 2018, I was to go to Enugu for something very important, she decided to ‘ambush’ me at the  airpot and took me straight to a superb ‘top-class’ restaurant as a way of saying ‘thank you’ to me. Check the photo below.

Listen to this very carefully...

No matter what your goals are, I can help you get there,fast!

May be you want to...

  • Quit your job or start a side-hustle, work for yourself so you can spend more time with your family and loved ones,have multiple stream of income
  • Want to start a new  company in addition to your existing business because you feel you need more money and diversification.
  • Make more moneysack your boss, you want freedom from financial worries or you want to make a BIG difference in the world.

No matter what those goals are, I can help you get there, very quickly

Read this very, very carefully…

87% of people who seek to own successful businesses fail.


I have worked with thousands of aspiring & established entrepreneurs and the #1 reason 87% of people fail is because...

'lack of sound mentorship'

I’ll work with you, one-on-one to help you launch a thriving, multi-million naira business while also making a huge impact in the world, and 100% FREE.

And like I said, the first thing I’m going to do for you is to help you create a strategic ‘Multi-Millon Naira Blueprint’, this will NOT cost you any money and it will take between 45 and 90minutes, and it is 100% FREE.

We will do this together either on the phone, the internet or we might even meet in person.

I will do all the heavy lifting for you-for example, I might help you discover an idea that you have within you already, skill, passion or even an expertise, and we could turn that into a multi-million naira company.

I'll help you with the marketing strategies so that clients will always be coming to you and not you chasing them,  the premium pricing so that you will attract only wealthy clients who can pay you good fees...

I’ll do every single thing for you.

Now, I need you to LISTEN CAREFULLY...

At the end of the 45 to 90 minutes 'Multi-Million Naira' business blueprint session , one of these two things will happen…

1: You love the blueprint that i will design for you and decide to implement it on your own. If that is the case, I’ll wish you the best of luck and ask you to keep me posted on your progress.

2: You love the plan and you will ask to become a client. If that is the case, we’ll take you through our process and if you’re successful, we will immediately admit you to become a VIP client.

You see, every one of our VIP client get amazing result. I mean every single one of them.

From unfulfilling Employment to a '7 Figures Business Owners'

My client, Blessing Osakwe Idowu was going through a tough time at her place of work.

Although she works in a great company but she had a 'nasty' boss and uncooperative subordinate who made life tough for her.

She works in one of the best (& known) companies in Lagos, salary was very, very attractive but the job satisfaction wasn’t there.

Everyday, she goes to work angry and return home angry even though she gets  ‘good salary’.

‘It’s not about the salary,Johnson,I’m not happy’ was what she told me one day. So, she wanted help badly.

First, both of us got on the phone and we spoke for 43minutes. I helped  plan her ‘exit’ from the job.

She was so excited because of the plan we came up with that she wanted to become my client immediately.

Anyway, after taking her through our process, we eventually admitted her to our program and we helped her turn her launch a solid 7figures business, i mean, multi-million naira business.

I helped her do all the heavy lifting like what to sell, how much to sell, who to sell to, and everything else.

She was blown away.

All she keep saying was 'You're the boss,Johnson!'

Let's be honest, if you have a brilliant business idea and you dont have customers coming to buy from you, you're not different from a king without a domain, a king without subjects, a king without a kingdom.

Blessing took  action, she didnt sit down  'complaining', she took action. She saw an opportunity, she immediately grabbed it with both arms.

Fast forward today, she runs a solid multi-million naira business and has left her job, and she told me that her company might hit 8figures in 2020 because of the level of their growth. 

She is so grateful today, not because she is making a lot more money now but because she is also able to touch peoples’ lives.

Listen carefully...

Every single person (including you) have a multi-million naira idea inside of you...

If you give me 15 minutes, I will help you bring out a multi-million naira business idea inside of you.

Yes, it is already inside your head and I'll help you turn that idea into a multi-million naira business while also making a HUGE difference in the world.

I can help you do that for FREE but READ ON...

Here’s How We Can Work Together, for FREE

First, we’ll get on the phone (or Skype)  and we will do the customized MULTI-MILLION NAIRA BUSINESS BLUEPRINT  together.

I’ll take a look at where you are currently and help you plan what you want to achieve.

There are a number of ways I might do this.

For example, I might help you uncover a multi-million business idea inside of you that you didn’t know, I might show you how to turn your simple ideas and skills into a multi-million naira business,

I'll help you develop a blueprint that will get clients banging on your door with money.

 I might show  you how to structure the perfect pricing.

The point is, we'll help you launch a money-spinning multi-million naira business.

No matter your current situation, i can help you launch a multi-million naira business,fast!

And like I said, there’s no charge for this, it is completely 100% FREE.

So, why I’m I doing this for FREE?

Two reasons:

First and foremost, this is the type of thing I love doing.

Nothing makes me happy like helping people build multi-million naira businesses.

It gives me 'unexplained satisfaction'.

Secondly, this is how I attract top-level-clients to my business.

So, assuming you’re happy with the multi-million naira blueprint i will design for you,you might want to work long term with us to help you launch your own thriving, money-spinning, multi-million naira online  business.

If this is the case, I might invite you to become a client if I feel that you’re the type of person I will like to work with.

If i agree to work with you, first, I'll GUARANTEE you that you'll make atleast N1 million naira before March 31...

If for any weird reasons you don't, I'll PERSONALLY take over your marketing until you do.

We have had people do it in few weeks.

So, you have nothing to fear or worry but...

I must warn you ahead,I'm very picky and my fees are NOT cheap (upwards of solid 6figures) but my results are life-changing.

There's a difference between Rolls Royce and Bicycle,right?


If you are looking for a 'cheap' guy, I'm NOT cheap but my results are not typical...


And like I said, it's not costing you anything since there's already a guarantee that you'll make atleast 1 million naira before March 31 from your new business.

Look,there's a reason Africa.com calls me 'Africa's #1 Marketing Magician'.

Working with me means working with the 'best of the best', It means working with a 'game changer'. 

If you're lucky and  I agree to take you on as a client, you can be assured that you’ll have a very successful business,fast.

And if you don’t want to become a client, that is fine too.

No body from my office is going to pressure you to become a client. It is a taboo to us.

Infact, I believe the exact opposite will happen, you'll be the one chasing us to become a client.


Infact, here’s my giant promise…

You’ll find our conversation to be incredible valuable or I’ll compensate you with $100 for your time.

Your time is the most important thing you have and I respect that.

I’m so certain that you’ll  enjoy our conversation together and if for any (strange) reason you don’t, I’ll compensate you with $100.

I’m personally guaranteeing you a multi-million naira business blueprint for you upfront-for FREE

I’m also guaranteeing that you’ll find this 'multi-million naira' business blueprint extremely valuable or I’ll immediately compensate you with $100 for your time.

Just tell me and it’s yours, no question asked.

Who else is doing this kind of thing?


Talk is cheap. Everyone can make a promise but how many can put their money where their mouth is?

The last time I checked, nobody is (or can) do this type of thing but I can do it because...

I’m Johnson Emmanuel-the king of premium clients attraction.  Africa.com referes to me as the '#1 Marketing Magician in Africa' .I build great companies.

Just recently, over 40,000 people bought my  book to learn how to start a money-spinning multi-million naira business.

That is why celebrity entrepreneurs, top executives and business owners of all type come to me for help.

I have shared the stage with billion entrepreneurs Richard Nyong (Lekki Garden CEO), Akinwande Ademosun, Femi Osibona amongst others.

See, my stuff work, and if we work together, you’ll be able to launch a thriving, highly profitable multi-million naira business, and also impact lives too.

From ‘No where’ to 7figures Business Owner

My client (and now friend) Tomiwa Ogunremi is one amazing guy. He had a 'small' business already but wanted ‘more’.

He knew that he could  launch a better and bigger business. He was hungry for success.

It was at this point that he came to me for help.

Fast forward today, Tomiwa has not only built a 7figures business, he is also a brand Ambassador, and a highly sought-after speaker.

Again, I know that if we work together, I’m certain that I’ll be able to transform your life.

As you can imagine, a lot of people will be reading this but this opportunity is NOT for everybody.

This is NOT for everybody. Here’s who I can help.

I’m very picky about who I’ll speak with and I’ve got a strict (but reasonable) criteria that needs to be met in order for us to proceed.

Here it is:

  • You must have the right mindset, and must NOT be one of those people who believe in 'over night riches'. I don't believe in 'get rich quick',  and I don't work with anyone who believes in it.
  • You must be ALREADY working in a company,gainfully employed,  a 9-5 job  but want to start your own business or you must be a successful entrepreneur who is already doing well in business but want to have another stream of income.
  • You must be ABLE, WILLING & READY to get ahead immediately.  By that i mean, you should have the resources to invest into my program immediately if invited to become a VIP client. No sitting on the fence,no foot dragging, no procrastination or delays,immediate action takers.
  • You must be able to take direction and follow simple instructions. I mean, you must be coach-able.

So, that is it.

Here’s What To Do Next

If you meet the above requirement and want me to personally help you launch your own business, I’m very excited to speak with you, I’ve set out some time to help you today.

Here’s how the process works: 

1: You need to fill in a simple application. Don’t worry, it’s very simple and unobtrusive.

It’s a form that asks for your name, what kind of business you want to start, where you are now and where you want to be.

Immediately you fill the form and submit...

2: I’m also going to ask you for a ‘real person’ refundable deposit of N5,000.

See, I don’t care about the N5,000. I’ll send it back to you immediately after our meeting.

I’m only using it as a ‘filter’ to keep away unserious people and time ‘wasters’.

I need to be sure that you’re really hungry for growth and also keep the ‘time vampires’ at bay.

I’ll send back the N5,000 to you immediately after our meeting (unless I take you as a client, and in that case-I’ll apply it to your balance).

Eitherway, you’ll get back the N5,000 refundable deposit. I’m just using it to keep unserious people at bay.

Here’s what will happen after that.

Once I have your ‘real person’ deposit and your application, Nancy Igwe, one of my amazing staff will immediately schedule our meeting.

She’s my ‘right hand’ woman, one of my best and trusted workers who is amazing at what she does.

 So, she will schedule our call.

Our call will be between 45 to 90 minutes.

This is really where we begin working together to figure out exactly what you want and how to make it happen immediately.

I’ll painstaking review your goals, the business you want to start…and I’ll deliver a plan to help you easily launch your own multi-millon naira business.

If you see the value in that and want to become a client, we can talk about that.

No matter what happens, you’ll come out as the winner.

Warning: Time is A Major Factor

This opportunity is extremely limited because of the intense one on one time needed inorder to provide you with results.

Therefore, it is physically impossible for me to work with more than a handful of people.

Also, you need to realize that there’s a very huge demand for one-on-one help from me. We get well over 1,000 applications monthly.

let me be open to you...

I cannot guarantee you a slot if you leave this page. The best thing to do is to click the button below to get started right now.

So with that said, know that this widow of opportunity wont be open for long. Click below now.

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