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Why I Hate To Be Called An Internet Marketer Even though I Make Alot of Money Online

Why I Hate To Be Called An Internet Marketer Even though I Make Alot of Money Online

Have you guys been noticing what is happening in this space?

Let me tell you a story, at least for the benefit of those who may not have spent up to 10years in this space.

In the early 2000’s, there were so many, many ‘internet marketer’ in Nigeria. They would sell all manner of stuff.

Although there was no Facebook and other stuff then, these guys were using Success Digest. If you go to SADC Centre at Isolo, you would see thousands of people coming to attend seminars.

Almost every day, there would be one seminar or the other at SADC. People were collecting money from people without caring about actually ‘serving’ them.

They cared more about the money than actually transforming people’s lives.

Success Digest magazine was great at the time but at a point, we got tired of buying because it was 80% ads.

Internet Marketer-The Dr. Sunny Factor...

I remember meeting Dr. Sunny Ogjabase in his office and told him about it and he actually saw the trend. It was crazy.

Everyone was interested in the money they will make than helping people. They were all ‘teachers’ and ‘coaches’ but almost none was a ‘transformer’.

Guess what happened?

They all crashed.

internet marketer stopped working. It didnt actually stop but it wasn't working for those kinds of guys anymore. They had to leave the scene.

Dr. Sunny was so angry one time that he shut down his platform and refused any of those folks access to it.

I know those folks. They are the same people who will stand beside a 'new car' to snap photo and share it online.

They would even share you the uncompleted buildings in their village as part of their success.

The beach kind of life.

If you check history, whether in Nigeria or in the US, all these guys are all gone. I mean, every single one of them. I can give you atleast 50 names from the top of my head.

You can't build a great business by doing internet marketer what these folks were doing,it's impossible, it is too shady and dirty. These guys are hungry but they forgot the big picture.

Now, history is repeating itself in a bigger and dangerous way.

Everyone is now a teacher, a coach.

People who are yet to even qualify for internship are now coaches. Yes, there's hunger in the land but have we lost our senses?

They tell you to...

‘BUY XYZ and you will make XYZ’

We must watch it.

I strongly believe that you cannot build a great business by NOT delivering on your promises to people.

I believe that if you have to rely on deception and manipulation to make sales, your business doesn’t deserve to exist.

History is gradually repeating itself.

We are getting to that phase again.

And for those who are seriously committed to helping people, I LOVE you. We owe you a lot.

To those want to help people launch a new business without them doing any work, shame on you.

How can anyone build a great business without working their ass off? It’s Not possible.

I believe in hardwork and consistent effort towards reaching any goal in life, including ‘successful marriage’.

If you want to make money just to eat, that’s fine, you are allowed to be lazy but if you want to build a great business, a lasting business, there’s no easy way out.

YOU must workhard.

Sometimes, you will feel like giving up but don’t because you’re actually close to your ‘miracle’.

I believe that it is people like you and I that will make the world a better place, we MUST NOT fail because of what we will eat today.

I’m your #1 fan!


Derin Ogunmola

Founder,  Dorothy David Consulting

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