You're Just One Step Away From Sharing Your Advice, Passion, Knowledge or Expertise, Make A Difference and a Fortune, Just Read This short letter.

It is time to share your advice, message and expertise with the world, make a difference, make a fortune and build a mega business.

I have helped thousands of people globally, I can definitely help YOU no matter what stage you are right now but the question  is, will you be qualified because I can help ONLY 7 people, not more!

Here’s what a Multi-millionaire, New York Times best-selling author, Popular entrepreneur and award winning podcaster has to say about me and what I do…
''Johnson Emmanuel will help you turn what you have inside your head into a highly profitable business that gives you alot of fame, fortune and freedom' John Lee Dumas, Multi-millionaire & founder, EntrepreneurOnFire

It is time to share your advice, passion, message, stories, knowledge, gifts or expertise with the world, make a great difference in the lives of people, make a fortune and build a mega business in the process.

This is what I love to help people do, and I can help you but I’m very, very picky because I only want to work with the best, that way I can give you the best result that will transform your life and the lives of others.

                                Here’s How I Can Work with you…

First and foremost, you and I or someone on my team  will speak on the phone for 30 minutes. We’ll get to know more about you and what you want to do, and then we will develop a strategy for you to use to reach that goal very fast.

Listen to this carefully…

You’ll NEED to make a REFUNDABLE DEPOSIT of N5,000 or $20 before we can get to speak on the phone. We Don’t need your money, you’re going to get it back immediately after our call.

The reason we ask YOU to make this refundable deposit is because we want to make sure you’re really committed to reaching your goal.

We want ONLY people who are serious and know the value of investing in themselves. We also want to use this method to ensure that we’re NOT speaking to freebie seekers.

Here’s what Happens Next…

Once you make the Refundable deposit right now, you’ll be able to speak to me or one of my staff. (It is very likely that you’ll be speaking to me personally).

No worries, I’ll pay for the call.

So, when we do get on the phone and speak for 30 minutes, two things will happen.

#1: We will speak with you and we will decline to invite YOU to become a VIP coaching client, if we do that, we will immediately refund you the initial deposit after our call, no delay.

#2: We will love YOU so much and we will decide to work with YOU to help you launch a new thriving & highly profitable business that makes a difference in the lives of people.

If we like You very much and want to work together with you, we will invite You to become a VIP coaching clients and you’ll work directly with me for 8weeks. The initial deposit you made will be applied to your  investment.


We are ONLY going to work with a fewer people because our goal is to help them launch a highly profitable business before the end of February of 2018. Infact, you should have your first customer before the end of January of 2018.

So, you need to make the deposit right now.

I mean right now

How To Make Your Refundable Deposit

There's are Two ways to make payment

#1: Make A Bank Transfer/Deposit to;

Make a Deposit or Bank Transfer to:

Bank Name: GTbank PLC

Account Name: Clickable Resources

Account Number: 0139584997

#2: Online Payment
You Can Pay Online Buy Clicking The Link Below


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