Groundbreaking NEW Report Reveals... How To Consistently Get Clients & Customers From Abroad (America,Europe,Asia,etc) Who'll Happily Pay YOU In Foreign Currencies  Despite Corona Virus Lockdown...

Even If The Economy Is bad and You're Completely Unknown 

Dear friend,

If you would like to consistently get international clients from different countries begging to buy your products and services and pay you in hard currencies, this is probably going to be the best letter you'll ever read.

Look, there's a BIG problem right now in Nigeria.

The prices of oil are down.

The exchange rate of a dollar to a naira is as high as N400. That means, many businesses can not import because if they do, no market to sell it to because the income of the people are down.

The government is looking for money, and they have even raised tax to 7.5% yet, there's no money.

There are even some "Beer Parlour" discussion that the price of fuel is going to go up, which means, if you don't have a house or a car, be ready to pay more for rent and transport.

People's purchasing power in Nigeria are completely down. Someone who could spend N500,000 on a product may not even be able to spend N100,000 on the same product.

As if that isn't enough, COVID-19 joined.

You and i know there's a problem but the question is, what should you do?

If that is the question on your lips, you're very smart!

You see, back in 2008, I made a BOLD,audacious decision.

I was beginning to make a lot of "in roads" in my journey as an entrepreneurs but I wanted more.

I was hungry for more.

One midnight, I woke up in the dead of the dead with many questions on my mind.

For example, "instead of selling this service for N50,000 In Nigeria, why not look for someone abroad to pay me $2,000 for the same service?".

So, instead of making N50,000, I'll make N720,000.

Well, you may say I'm ambitious or greedy but...

Think about it, I'm rendering the same service but I'm ONLY selling it to foreigners who can pay me in dollars.

Deep down my heart, I wanted clients to pay me dollars, not naira BUT...

I had four major obstacles that i might overcome.

And the truth is, if you can overcome these four obstacles, you'll be getting clients from allover the world betting to pay you in USD or any other currency for that matter

Hi, my name is Johnson Emmanuel.

You may have seen me appeared on top-ranked International US and UK based business shows with millions of listeners or you may have seen my most successful book which sold forty thousands copies with more than two thousand 5 star reviews.

I have been featured on TOP-RANKED US & UK business shows with millions of listeners around the world. These are some of them.

Although  I have a lot of successful Nigeria companies but I’m known more out of Nigeria where I help top businesses attract clients.


Take a look at this image carefully…

Her name is Jessy Erenwath, she was my first  International client ever, back in 2008.

Thank you, Jessy!

Guess how much she paid me?

Just guess…


I will never ever forget.

I didn't have Paypal account then, there was no way she could pay me, she had to use Western Union Money Transfer.

You see, life is what you make out of it.

If you meet obstacles, your duty is to find a way to navigate.

For example, in 2008, America was facing one of the biggest recession in history, yet, I found a way to navigate  and got clients from there even though I didn't know what America looked like.

If you know me, you may say I speak very well but back in 2008, i had this very thick Nigeria accent but again, i was still able to get clients.

I was new without a big name yet, I went in there and did it.

Our internet network in Nigeria was bad at the time but that didn't stop me, I did it despite that, and luckily for you today, we have 4G but back then it was 2G.

There was no tool to collect payment back then but i found a way by using western union money transfer.

Come closer, listen carefully...

Do you truly want to get clients from abroad who will happily pay for your services?

It is ONLY you that can stop yourself.

Nobody else can stop you.

No obstacles,challenges can stop you.

ONLY you can stop YOU.

Now, I want to give you my own tool, the process, the exact strategies I used but the question is, will you grab it RIGHT AWAY?



The Ultimate Playbook That Shows You  How To Get International Clients Begging To Buy Your Products and Service and Pay You In Dollars, Euros or Any Other Currency EVEN IF...

In it, you’ll discover…

  • The exact step by step process I used to make my first ever $3,000
  • The 5 types of product and services that sell right now, it sells like a hotcake.
  • How to price your product and services if you are just getting  started. (Hint: Should Your Charge less than $500, $3,000 or more?)
  • The hottest place online to get foreign clients who are guaranteed to PAY YOU right now WITHOUT spending any money on advertising.
  • How to create irresistible,compelling offers that international clients cannot resist.
  • The ONLY two ingredients you need to succeed.
  • The 5 countries that are  way more likely to pay you higher fees for your product and services (Hint: It is not US, it is NOT Canada)
  • How to collect your payment in the currency of your choice without any stress or hassles  (Hint: This was a big deal to me and it is still a big deal to a lot of people)
  • How To Have An Offshore Company In The US (and other countries) Without Stepping Out of Nigeria.
  • How To Have A US Business Bank Account Even If  you've not been to America Before.
  • 2 Trusted Agents Who Will help you handle all your business concerns why you focus on running and growing the business (AKA, collecting more dollars)
  • The hottest services to sell right now, and how to easily sell it.

Many more INSIDE.

Listen, all these are just a tip of the iceberg...

Let me not let the juices part out of the bag yet but the biggest mistake you will ever make is to underrate this ‘special’ report.

Value: N30,000 Naira but that's not all because you'll also get...

Special UNDISCLOSED BONUS worth N50,000

This undisclosed bonus is special and you'll love it. I'm deliberately making it a "secret" and a surprise to you but I know it'll help you get even more clients from abroad.

Total value: N80,000

That’s a lot, right?

I’m not going to ask you to pay me that.

I’m not going to ask for even N50,000

Not even N30,000.

I know the economy is going through hiccups.

I know a lot of business people are going through a lot right now.

So, all you have do right now is pay ONLY…



N5,500 ONLY!

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It’s that simple.

Fully Backed by our 100% Risk Free Guarantee

If, for any reason, you get this product and didn't get clients from abroad who pay you, let us know, we'll immediately refund you 100% (and even compensate you with a goodie). Just show us that you did the work required as explained in the special report and still didn't get result. So, no need to fear anything,cool?

There’s  a bad news anyway…

Here’s it.

Listen, I'm going to be BLUNT:

I cannot guarantee you'll get a copy after now because I dedicated only 3 staff to this project and they'll only be able to help you between now and the next few hours.

After then, they wont.

Sadly, this page may also be deleted as well.

The worst of all is that you'll be losing money if you fail to act and keep procrastinating.

Time is of essence, now is the time to act!

Nothing will make me exceed that number.

Infact, once the 10 people get this bundle, this page will automatically be pulled down and you won't be able to access this page again.

Worst still, your competitor may be able to get his or her hands on this package and that will be a bigger problem for you.

It’s best to click the link below to grab your copy right now.


Oh, and in case you are wondering…

It will be sent to your email once you place your order.

I would have loved to send it to your home but it takes a lot of time.

No need to waste any time, I want you to access it as quick as possible.

There’s a timer on this page.

The best thing you should do right now is to immediately click this link to grab this bundle.