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 Groundbreaking NEW Report Reveals How To Get Clients/Customers From Abroad Practically Begging To Buy Your Products and Services And Pay You In Dollars Without You Leaving Nigeria...Even If You Don't Have International Passport, No Matter What You Sell and Even If You're NOT Known.

Dear friend,

If you would like to consistently attract international clients begging to buy your products and services in hard currencies without you stepping a foot out of Nigeria, this piece is going to be a bomb to you.

Back in 2008, I was hungry, hungry for success.

I had told my mentor that I wanted to get clients from abroad but he wasn’t happy with the idea, he wanted me to focus more on the Nigeria market.

He showed me a lot of people who were raking in a lot of money but I was adamant.

Actually, back then i knew alot of my friends who were selling their own products and services for N30,000 but i wanted to sell mine for $3,000.

Was i ambitious or greedy?

I honestly cant say but,,,

Deep down my heart, I wanted clients to pay me dollars, not naira.

My mentor grudgingly gave me a ‘go ahead’  but I knew it, it was very clear that he wasn’t happy with me but I assured him I was going to make him proud.

I was excited that my mentor had given his approval but the bigger question is ‘where do I go from here?’

Wondering why I asked myself that question?

I will tell you…

I knew NO Nigerian who was doing what I attempted to do.

I didn’t have money. People say it takes money to make money, right? I had none of it.

I had the typical Nigerian accent. How will oyinbo hear or understand me when I talk?

My internet network was 2.5 G at the time. Now, we have 4G lite.

There was no way I could get paid even if I got 'oyinbo' client wanting to pay.

I was from Nigeria, a country perceived to be corrupt.

In 2008, America had one of her worst recession ever in history. Meaning, there was poverty in the US.

I can go on and on.

Despite all these challenges and more, I did it.

I entered the market and crushed it.

Yes, I made it.

I didn’t just do it, I did it in a great and big way.

Hi, my name is Johnson Emmanuel.

You may have seen me appeared on top-ranked International US and UK based podcast shows with millions of listeners or you may have seen my most successful book which sold thousands of copies with more than eight thousand 5 star reviews.

I have been featured on TOP-RANKED US podcast shows with millions of listeners around the world.

I mean, more than 8 million listeners in more than 37 countries.

These are some of them.

Although  I have a lot of successful Nigeria companies but I’m known more out of Nigeria where I help top businesses attract clients.


Take a look at this image carefully…

Her name is Jessy Erenwath, she was my first  International client ever.

Guess how much she paid me?

Just guess…


Back in 2008.

I now have a lot of ‘oyinbos’ paying me good money.

I want to help you do the same thing.

You see, the biggest risk anyone can make is depending on one country to make money.

Sometimes, economies go bad, so what happens?

One economy shouldn’t determine' your business success.

Let me give you a simple example…

Some years ago, I created an amazing product that changed peoples’ lives.

The product was N150,000 and it was a great product.

A lot of people bought the product and they stopped buying it after a while.

As a smart marketer, I reached out to find out why they didn’t buy.

Guess what I was told?

'It was too expensive'

I took that same product WITHOUT changing anything to the international market and stamped a price of $2,000 on it.

That is N720,000.

‘Johnson, are you crazy?’

People are saying the product is too expensive for N150,000, now you want to sell it for $2,000 (or N720,000).

No, I wasn’t crazy.

I knew what I was doing.

At the end of the day, I made more money than I made selling the products to Nigerians.

The question now is, would you want international clients buying your products and services like hotcake?


The Power Playbook: The Ultimate Playbook That Shows You  How To Get International Clients Begging To Buy Your Products and Service and Pay You In Dollars, Euros or Any Other Currency of Your Choice  WITHOUT You Leaving Nigeria

In it, you’ll discover…

  • The exact step by step process I used to make my first ever $3,000
  • The 5 types of product and services that sell right now, it sells like a hotcake.
  • How to price your product and services if you are just getting  started. (Hint: Should Your Charge less than $500, $3,000 or more?)
  • The hottest place online to get foreign clients who are guaranteed to make you your first (or next) $10,000 WITHOUT spending any money on advertising.
  • How to create irresistible,compelling offers that international clients cannot resist.
  • The ONLY two ingredients you need to succeed.
  • The 5 countries that are  way more likely to pay you higher fees for your product and services (Hint: It is not US, it is NOT Canada)
  • How to collect your payment in the currency of your choice without any stress or hassles  (Hint: This was a big deal to me and it is still a big deal to a lot of people)
  • How to significantly scale your business to multiple 6figures or even the desired and cherished 7figures (in  US dollars)  working with ONLY exclusive clients from abroad.

Let me not let the juices part out of the bag yet but the biggest mistake you will ever make is to underrate this ‘special’ report.

Value: N30,000 Naira.

Once you get the ‘special report’ now, you will also be getting the following BONUSES…

Bonus #1: Step by Step Video Training- How to get international clients who are hungry to buy your products and services with an opportunity to ask me any question LIVE on the training or we might even make it a live physical and in-person training.

Value: N50,000


Bonus #2: How I got interviews in more than 10 US-based podcast with MORE THAN 5 million listeners and got positioned as an authority in my market which eventually boosted my revenue.

Value: N32,000.

Bonus #3: My ‘secret’ interview with a world-renowned US marketer and entrepreneur that was recognized by President Obama and the US house of rep- a multi-billionaire in Nigeria terms. (Hint: This is pure gold if you are seeking to enter and do what the 'big guns' are doing)

Value: N80,000

Now, what's the total value?


That’s a lot, right?

I’m not going to ask you to pay me that.

I’m not going to ask for even N100,000

Not even N50,000.

I know the economy is funny now.

I know a lot of business people are going through a lot right now.

So, all you have do right now is pay ONLY…


Yes, N5,000.

Once you do, you will have your hands on this package.

It’s that simple.

There’s  a bad news anyway…

Here’s it.

You see, I’m not ready to put out my secret for a long time.

I’m not going to do what other people do.

They try to ‘arm twist’ you to buy their productsand services by telling you it is going away when it is actually not going anywhere.

5 months after they say that, the product is still there.

People who do that are foolish.

They actually think the customer is foolish but they don’t know that they are the foolish ones.

They will soon go out of business.

What I’m going to tell you is the truth…

I will only get this package to only 10 people.

When I say 10 people, I mean every single word of it.

Nothing will make me exceed that number.

Infact, once the 10 people get this bundle, this page will automatically be pulled down and you won't be able to access this page again.

Worst still, your competitor may be able to get his or her hands on this package and that will be a bigger problem for you.

It’s best to click the link below to grab your copy right now.


Oh, and in case you are wondering…

It will be sent to your email once you place your order.

I would have loved to send it to your home but it takes a lot of time.

No need to waste any time, I want you to access it as quick as possible.

There’s a timer on this page.

The best thing you should do right now is to immediately click this link to grab this bundle.

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