It Pays To Be the Best, It Pays To Work With ‘The Best of The Best’

My Work Has Transformed The Lives Of Over 10,000 Customers, My Strategies Are UNconventional-My Results Are UNconventional.

Most Importantly, I’m One 100% focused on your ROI & My clients Call me ‘The Best of The Best’.

That’s because my strategies are THOROUGHLY RESEARCHED. RIGOROUSLY TESTED. 100% PROVEN.

All of our Programs, Principles & Strategies have been thoroughly researched and tested on over 10,000 Clients and Students.


All of our Programs, Principles & Strategies have been thoroughly researched and tested on over 10,000 Clients and Students.

What People Are Saying


Johnson Emmanuel is what i will call a 'marketing beast'. He grew my business by 306%. Listen to Johnson. Do everything you can to have him work with you. If he agrees to work with you, he can deliver massive result within a short time. Again, Johnson is a marketing beast!

Jeanin Cerundol - Meditation Coach

I had an awesome conversation with Johnson Emmanuel about ways I could improve my marketing funnels. He gave me some fantastic ideas that will help me 3x my revenue (and my results have so far been amazing), Johnson sincerely wants to help people be successful in their business and I can't recommend him enough. BIG KUDOS to you, Johnson Emmanuel. You truly rock

B. Schachtele

Here's How We Can Work Together

Done for You​

The Monetized

Imagine starting a business that lets you Impact the lives of other people, make a fortune and live life on your terms, all by doing what you love.

The Monetize Is an 8weeks coaching program where you’ll have the rare privilege of working with me to help you launch your own highly profitable business without making silly mistake that others are making.

Build a business that lets you share your passion or talent or gift with the world and earn income.

If you’re an employee or an established business owners/entrepreneur seeking to earn more income and impact more lives, you’ll move this. Admission is strictly by invitation.


The Accelerators 

Do you want to generate more customers, make more sales on a consistent basis and rapidly grow your business?

The Accelerators is an 8 weeks consulting program for established business owners and entrepreneurs who want to take their business to the ‘next level’. It is 100% customized for you.

It is STRICKLY for people who are already running (in business) but want to run a lot faster and further.

It is for established business owners who want to take their revenue and business to the ‘next level’ without making stupid mistakes.


Perpetual Growth

You’re already in business, and everything seems good. Your business is raking in millions or even billions of naira but you want to keep running faster and further, that is where PERPETUAL GROWTH comes in.

Everything seem good in your business and you want to sustain that growth, you want that growth to be ‘perpetual’, that is exactly where  PERPETUAL GROWTH comes in.

It is a customized consulting program for your business and you’d be working with me for a minimum of 6month so that I can help you make your growth ‘perpetual’.


Expensive Buyers

This program is a 12weeks program and it is ONLY for businesses that sell or want to sell expensive products or services.

If you want to sell ‘luxury’ products or service, this program is a perfect fit for you.

We will work with you for 12weeks to help you sell those expensive stuffs on a consistent and predictable basis.

It could be cars, real estate, coaching programs, consulting program, profession services, just about anything, we will work with you.

This program is customized to fit into your specific need, and you need to apply at least 2weeks in advance for consideration.


The Executioner

It’s a DONE FOR YOU program where we will help you strategize and execute all your marketing.

We will do every single thing for you. The client attraction system, the sales conversion system, we’ll setup the adverts, we will do the copies, just about everything.

All you have to do is to smile to the bank but this program is ONLY for businesses that are currently doing a minimum of N50Million per year, nothing less.

Unfortunately, we work with ONLY a handful of people per year, sometimes, we have people spend as much as 3months on our ‘waitlist’ waiting to be admitted. It’s completely exclusive program.


The Kick-Off

The ‘Kick-off’ is a 2days consulting, coaching & implementation program where I’ll come to you.

We will spend two days together to work on your business. We will go through everything, and at the end of the two days, you’ll have a well-oiled marketing & sales machine that will help you make more sales on a consistent, predictable basis.

My goal is simple-to grow your revenue. I’m 100% focused on revenue growth.

 Due to  time constrains, I can only work with a few companies. You MUST book atleast 1month ahead before you can be considered.


Need a charismatic, prolific and credible speaker? That’s who I am in a nutshell.

Some years ago, I was at an event and a speaker was introduced but before you could say ‘Jack’, everybody in the room was sleeping, to know that speaker was boring and can’t command his topic is to say the least.

That is where I come in. I educate, entertain and inspire your audience to take immediate ACTION. I have shared the stage with BILLIONAIRES entrepeneurs like Richard Nyong (owner of Lekki Garden), Akinwande Amosun (owner of Credit Direct), etc.

I don’t just talk the talk, I also walk the talk.

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