How To Turn Your Idea, Skill, Passion or Life-Experiences Into A Side-Business That Makes N350,000 /month (And Scale to 7-Figure In 6Months)...
Even If You're In A 9-5 Employment


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Johnson Emmanuel,Africa's #1 Business Growth & Marketing Expert

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    The  3 step  Process to finding your N350,000 per month business idea ( HINT:.One of our clients used this 3-step process to discover her best idea and went on to start new business in weeks. It could be your passion, skill, expertise, life-experiences,story, etc. We'll help you discover it and monetize it. This might shock YOU)
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    The ONLY two types of business model that people are hungry to pay for right now.  (HINT: Once you get hold of this two models, you'll be able to build a business that will never fail. We call up 'everlasting' business success model)
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    How to price your product & services so that you will quickly hit your goal of N350,000 per month or even more. (HINT: If your prices are too low, the customers will think you're too cheap & if they're too high, they'll say you are too expensive and they'll run. I'll show you how to do pricing correctly)
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    The Simple Marketing System that will generate clients for you on a daily basis without being pushy or annoying ( HINT: This will help you build a N350,000 Business very quickly and scaling to 7-figures will be seamless)
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    Where & How To Get  customers who are willing & able to afford you. (Hint: I mean customer who are very hungry to open up their wallet for you.  The best customers are NOT everywhere. I'll show you where they are and how to make them beg to pay YOU)
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    How Maria Al Ameen charges $3,000 per client (HINT: You will learn how Maria is charging $3,000 per client for book editing & proof reading service and how you too can start attracting  international clients to your business)
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    How one Student Went From zero to 6-figures and  scaled to 7-figure in less than 6months. (Hint: Her story will make you feel jealous and show you how to launch your own business very quickly without making 'expensive''  mistakes)
    ...and Much More

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But Who is Johnson Emmanuel Anyway?

Johnson Emmanuel is the founder of  the fastest growing marketing agency in Africa, Havanzer and he is one of  the most sought after business growth & marketing strategists on the continent.

He has consulted and advice businesses in 42 countries and in over 100 different industries, teaching over 650,000 people through his seminars, contents, and training, he’s an expert at helping businesses massively generate more sales and rapidly grow their revenue.

London Graduate School recently nominated him for an honorary  award in business because of his exceptional success at helping business owners succeed.

Johnson Emmanuel is best known for creating POWERFUL marketing campaigns, strategies and systems that resulted in massive customer generation, sales acceleration and rapid revenue growth for his clients worldwide.

These include ‘The sniper Method’, ‘The Magnetic machine’, ‘Emergency Cash Machine’, ‘The point and kill machine’, ‘The  PPF system’ and many many more.

Jokingly, his clients call him names like ‘the CEO of ceos’, ‘The marketing beast’, ‘The marketing guru’, ‘The Ronaldo of marketing’,  ‘The doctor of marketing’, etc.

He has shared the stage with some Nigerian billion entrepreneurs  Richard Nyong (Lekki Garden CEO), Akinwande Ademosun, Femi Osibona amongst others.

Johnson Emmanuel is the ‘go to’ guy when it comes to growing any business in the fastest possible time.