Monetize Your Passion Summit 2018

Discover how to turn your passion,talents,gifts or expertise to Multi-million naira business and also Impact people's lives.

 August 31,2018| 8:30AM | Emerald Hotels, 193 Aba Rd,Portharcourt|

100% FREE! ONLY 50seats

What if people can actually pay you handsomely for your passion, skill, talent?

Thousands and even millions of people want to pay YOU for your advice.

Let me tell you something profound...

The most important thing you have right now is NOT your real estate, it is NOT the money in the bank, it is NOT the fleet of cars, it is NOT the gold.

Those things are great but...

The most important thing you have is WHAT YOU KNOW, I mean, it is your passion, skill, talent, expertise or hobbies.

What you know has the ability to change somebody’s life and that person is ready to pay you handsomely.

Monetize Your Passion Summit is a one-day live event holding in Port-harcourt, River State (on Friday, August 31,2018)  that will show you step by step, how to turn your passion, talent or expertise into a highly profitable multi-million naira business and also transform the lives of people.

It’ll help you ... 

  • How to discover your most profitable passion, skill or expertise that people will beg to pay for.
  • How to make more money doing what you love doing.
  • How to transform the lives of people globally with your passion,gifts,talent while also getting paid.

Monetize Your Passion Summit is NOT just a summit, it is NOT one of those empty motivational events. It is an EXPERIENCE!

The world is waiting for you!  When you come to MONETIZE YOUR PASSION SUMMIT, you're going to discover how to make people pay you huge fees for your advice,gifts, talent, expertise or knowledge.

Monetize Your Passion Summit has changed alot of lives, watch this video and listen to these guys below…

Monetize Your Passion Summit is 100% FREE but it is NOT for everybody. It is...

  • For YOU, if you are currently an employee in a paid employment but you want more out from life. You want to have additional stream of income, and sack your boss.
  • For YOU,if you are a business owner or an entrepreneur that already have a thriving business but YOU want to EXPLODE your business, and take your game to the 'next level'

Listen to what these guys have to say...

 I was at Monetized Your Passion Summit in Lagos and was mesmerized with the dexterity which you exhibited. I'm grateful for the knowledge and advice you impacted us that day, You Always Over deliver every single time and I'm currently using your advice to build my own empire. Thank you so much!

Dennis Obinna​​​​

Sir, I traveled from Portharcourt to Lagos to attend Monetize Your Passion Summit in 2017 and it was one of  my best decisions. I didnt know I had so much to offer the world but you opened my eyes to alot of things. I love your strategies,teaching,passion and energy. Your session was a lightening bomb to me.

David Okocha

You are the next person to testify!

Some of the things you'll discover when you come to Monetize Your Passion Summit 2018.

Discover What People Will  BUY

  • The Proven 3 Step framework to discover your most profitable talent, skill, advice or expertise that people will immediately pay YOU for.

  • The ONLY 3 Questions you MUST answer if you want to own multi-million naira business.

  • The Biggest mistake people make when it comes to building a highly profitable business and how to NOT make the mistake. (Hint: 92% of people who try to build businesses make this mistake and that is why they are so frustrated but you don’t have to make it. I’ll show YOU what to do instead)

  • How to get a list of hungry customers who will pay you before you even create your product or service.

Setting Your Trap for people to come 

  • How to package your skill, passion, expertise or talent so that people will value it and even beg to pay for it, 100% guaranteed!

  • How to price your product & services so that you will quickly hit your income goal. (HINT: If your prices are too low, the customers will think you're too cheap & if they're too high, they'll say you are too expensive and they'll run. I'll show you what to do exactly)

  • How to position yourself as the ‘absolute’ best so that you can command higher price and authority-I have never revealed this secret.

  • How one of our clients charges $3,000 per client (HINT: You will learn how she is charging $3,000 per client for book editing & proof reading service and how you too can start attracting international clients to your business)

How To Make Customers Come to you begging with their money!

  • Where & How To Get customers who are willing & able to afford you. (Hint: I mean customer who are very hungry to open up their wallet for you. The best customers are NOT everywhere. I'll show you where they are and how to make them beg to pay YOU)

  • The exact simple marketing system one  of our students used to go from zero to 6-figures and scaled to 7-figure in less than 6months. (Hint: Her story will make you feel jealous and show you how to launch your own business very quickly without making ’expensive’ mistakes)

  • How to create a simple marketing system that will make clients come to you instead of you begging them. (Hint: I believe you shouldnt beg customers, create a simple system to make them come to you. You'll discover how to do it)

  • How to impact the lives of thousands and millions of people and get paid transforming the lives of people.

I'm running out of space here but there are MUCH MORE you're going to discover.

Two Special Guests Appearance
We're going to have two vetted guest speakers come share their stories.

This lady is amazing. Things were extremely rough for her until she was able to turn her story into a brilliant multi-million naira business. Her story will help you succeed. I'm deliberately keeping her name secret because she's special.

This guy has an amazing story to share. He attempted suicide because life was hopeless but  life became meaningful to him when he discovered his passion and turned it into  a mega business that everyone is proud of.

Monetize Your Passion Summit 2018 is...

Listen up my friend, Monetize Your Passion Summit 2018 is going to be extremely HOT because I'll be sharing some ground-breaking marketing strategies that you can immediately use to turn your passion,gifts,expertise,skill and advice into a highly lucrative business. Don't take my word for it, listen to people who have attended Monetize Your Passion Summit before.

So, What is the FEE?

Monetize Your Passion Summit is 100% FREE but to seats are extremely limited. ONLY 50 seats.  Also, you must already be a business owner/entrepreneur who wants a additional stream of income or you are already in a good paid employment but you are looking to sack your boss soon or get additional stream of income.

So, Monetize Your Passion Summit is NOT for everybody. Only for those who are already in business or those who are in a paid employment seeking to get additional income.

The Bad News!

Last year, Monetize Your Passion Summit was sold out because people came from Kaduna, Portharcourt, Abuja, Enugu and other parts of the country.  We had to shut the door against some people who registered late. 

I cannot guarantee you a ticket if you leave this page. It is best you immediately grab your ticket before you leave this page because we have ONLY 50 TICKETS  to give away for FREE.  Once they are gone, they're gone.

Listen up, I know people usually say they have 'limited' seats when they actually have 'unlimited' seats. I don't do that.

 If I say we have ONLY 50 seats to give out for free, that is exactly what we have and i know the seats are going to be filled up fast. I CANNOT guarantee you a seat if you delay, It is best to secure your seat NOW, DON'T procrastinate. 

Date,Time & Venue:

Date: , Friday, August 31, 2018.

Time: 8: 30AM

emerald hotels portharcourt
emerald hotels portharcourt
emerald hotels portharcourt

Venue: Join us at the prestigious Emerald Hotels and Resort,  193 Portharcourt Aba Express Road, Rumoula, Portharcourt.  Call 08064452033 if you need help.

Meet your host, the amazing Johnson Emmanuel.

Johnson Emmanuel is the founder of  the fastest growing marketing agency in Africa, KissFusion, and he is one of  the most sought after business growth & marketing strategists on the continent.

He has consulted and advice businesses in 42 countries and in over 100 different industries, teaching over 650,000 people through his seminars, contents, and training, he’s an expert at helping businesses massively generate more sales and rapidly grow their revenue.

London Graduate School recently nominated him for an honorary  award in business because of his exceptional success at helping business owners succeed.

Johnson Emmanuel is best known for creating POWERFUL marketing campaigns, strategies and systems that resulted in massive customer generation, sales acceleration and rapid revenue growth for his clients worldwide.

These include ‘The sniper Method’, ‘The Magnetic machine’, ‘Emergency Cash Machine’, ‘The point and kill machine’, ‘The  PPF system’ and many many more.

Jokingly, his clients call him names like ‘the CEO of ceos’, ‘The marketing beast’, ‘The marketing guru’, ‘The Ronaldo of marketing’,  ‘The doctor of marketing’, etc.

He has shared the stage with some Nigerian billion entrepreneurs  Richard Nyong (Lekki Garden CEO), Akinwande Ademosun, Femi Osibona amongst others.

Johnson Emmanuel is the ‘go to’ guy when it comes to growing any business in the fastest possible time.

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